Zimbabwe: Peace Cup Tournament

by Callisto Mushati, FFWPU Zimbabwe

On August 24, 2019, we held a Peace Cup Soccer Tournament at Allan Wilson High School in preparation for the inauguration of Youth and Student for Peace in Zimbabwe, in perusing True Parents’ vision to bring about harmony, peace and love among countries, races, religion and cultures through sports.

We are creating an environment to build unending relationships, connecting young people to our True Parents’ vision, and come up with young youth leaders in communities who will take responsibility for the providence for future generations.

Four teams participated at the tournament, namely Allan Wilson High School FC, A.S Academy FC, Glenview Academy FC and YSP Zimbabwe FC. And two of them managed to win and could go away with awards, first Allan Wilson High and second A.S Academy.

We are grateful for all teams as they are really happy to continue to work with YSP Zimbabwe in the future.

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