USA: Women in Ministry Host True Family Values Seminar in Oklahoma

Prepared by FFWPU USA

Over 100 guests attended the latest True Family Values Seminar in Oklahoma City, OK from July 26 to 27. The seminar, hosted by the Women in Ministry of the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC), was a beautiful gathering of ACLC family members, guests, and church pastors from all walks of life, including leaders of the Cheyenne-Arapaho Nation, and people from as far as Texas and California.

This seminar was the ninth event this year led by the Women in Ministry team. The Friday evening began with over 60 people, led by Rev. Marilyn Kotulek, Co-Chair of ACLC Women in Ministry, and Dr. Linda Holliday, wife of former actor Kene Holliday and Co-Pastor of the You Have Been Chosen Ministry International. Dr. Holliday gave a soul-stirring sermon and finished with a moving prayer for healing together with Southwest Subregional Director Rev. John Jackson, Rev. Kotulek, and other ministers. After the prayer, several people gave testimonies of healings that have already occurred in their lives.

The next morning, guests arrived at the Embassy Suites near the airport. The event was facilitated by Rev. Kotulek as emcee. Cheyenne-Arapaho Nation Chief and Rev. George Akeen and his wife gave welcoming remarks and Minister Reiko Jenkins, ACLC Women in Ministry Co-Chair, introduced True Family Values, which consisted of Divine Principle content, scripture quotes from the Bible, and True Parents’ teachings.

Ann Ngora, wife of ACLC Oklahoma Executive Director Rev. John Ngoran, presented on “God’s Original Ideal,” and Rev. Evon McMurry of ACLC Los Angeles presented on “What Went Wrong.” Many of the ministers were hearing these lectures for the first time, and after a while they began to cheer with joy throughout the presentations. Each was given a USB flash drive of the presentations so they could go through them again and present the information to their own congregations. Rev. Debbie Staples of Ohio, who now works with ACLC Ohio Executive Director Rev. Frank Sanchez, shared that she would like to get involved and study the presentations so she can share them with other pastors.

During the two-day seminar, ACLC announced its launch of the Youth in Ministry program. Three youth spoke, including Erick White, a young Unificationist, and Brandon and Carl Bigfoot, the grandchildren of Rev. Akeen. Brandon, who previously attended a seven-day workshop, testified to his experiences while Carl recalled helping out at True Mother’s recent event at Nassau Coliseum in New York.

The Keynote speaker for the conference was former State Senator Anastasia Pittman, a good friend of Rev. Kotulek. She gave a clear message for this year’s theme “Women: Models of Providential Faith Walkers.” Her daughter, State Representative Ajay Pittman, presented the Women in Ministry with a Proclamation of Recognition from the State of Oklahoma.

Rev. Jun Orikasa, Oklahoma state leader, concluded the program with the Holy Wine Ceremony, explaining its meaning to all the guests, followed by Dr. Holliday and her husband closing with a prayer. Afterward, the guests watched a Peace Starts With Me video and learned of True Mother’s upcoming events.

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