True Peace Magazine July 2019 Issue

Prepared by True Peace Magazine Team

Main Contents

1.     ARTICLE ONE: The True Hope for Korea and the World


  • World Unity and the Reunification of South and North Korea Will Be Accomplished by True Love
  • Heaven Raised Korea to Fulfill Providential History
  • The Value of Cross-Cultural Blessings
  • The Value of Christian Roots

3.     PICTORIAL SECTION: 16 Photo Memories

4.     Faithful Pioneer and Martyr

  • Background Notes on Czechoslovakia
  • Marie Živná’s Course of Faith


  • Russia 24 Blessing Couples at a Public Festival,
  • Africa 26 Training for African Youth Missionaries
  • Malaysia 28 For CARP Malaysia, a Workshop is a Growing Experience

6.     Interview 35 A Long-Ago Trial and Those We Left Behind

7.     Testimony 39 My Life with Marie Živná

8.     INFRASTRUCTURE: A New Family Church in the US State of Minnesota

9.     Japanese Missionaries: Global Preparation of IAPD, a Chronology

  • Smiles for Nepal
  • A Worthwhile Investment

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  1. Migliore Gennaro says:

    Thanks for the July 2019 issue . Thanks for remebering the pioneer in former Czechoslovakia .
    No matter the persecution …at least in the western world we have worked in freedom .

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