Togo: Peace Road 2019

Prepared by FFWPU Togo

We experienced postponement to postponement because of prohibitions of demonstration on public roads, finally, we were able to hold Peace road event in Lomé, on Tuesday, August 27, 2019.

The event began around 07:00, with the welcoming remarks by the national leader to all the participants including the minister’s representative, religious leaders, cyclists, guests and members attending the event. There were about 50 participants.

In his speech our national leader explained what Peace Road is and wished that all the nations of the world and Togo in particular could join hand in hand with Mr. and Mrs. MOON to make the vision of a world as a global community as one family under God.

Then with the announcement by the Minister’s representative the cycling race started, which continued in about 4 kilometers.

At the end, after the return of the cyclists, the event continued with the message of peace by president of the UPF Togo, and the president of the ambassadors for Peace, Rev. Afanou Attiogbé Amos. That was followed by a beautiful performance by our young people.

Around 9:40 am, the event ended with a group photo.

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