Thailand: Inauguration of YSP and “Filial Heart of Thai Youth” Project

Prepared by YSP Thailand

On July 31, 2019, we conducted inauguration of YSP and Filial Heart of Thai Youth project at Kalasin City High School with many VIPs from Chief of District, Governor, Local Government Administration, School Director, University President and UPF support in front of 850 teachers and students from grade 8 – 12 in downtown Kalasin province. Tong-il Moo Do and YSP leaders from many provinces of Thailand come to support. 

Filial Heart of Thai Youth is the main project of YSP Thailand which has goals to promote the value of filial piety toward parents, families, nation, religions and King institution receive so much cooperation from government and community leaders, especially on the foundation of HTM grand successful since 2013 led by Mrs.Sangkom Netsopa, Director of BFD Thailand and Dr.Ronachit Phuttala, former Chief of District in Kalasin province. 

The highlight is presentation of Dr.Robert Kittel, President of YSP International on topic of 4 Great Love, Value of Filial Heart “Hyo Jeong” and Pure Love pledge.  Dr.Kittel invest his heart so much that move all VIPs.  There are many high level dignitaries and government official gave speech to support as follow such as Director of Kalasin City High School, Mr.Sutin Sribunplaeng – YSP Thailand President, Representative of Chairman of Kalasin Municipality, Former Governor of Nakhon Phanom province, Former President of Kalasin University, Rev.Kamol Thananopvarn – National Leader of FFWPU Thailand and Secretary General of UPF, Chairman of Basic Education Committee of Kalasin, Dr.Ronachit Phutthala – former Chief of District of Kalasin City and Chairman of HTM project of Kalasin, Mrs.Sangkom Netsopa – Vice National Leader of Thailand and HTM Kalasin.

At the end, there was sign MOU between YSP Thailand, Kalasin city school, Chief of District and Chairman of Sub-district administration of Kalasin. 

In Kalasin province, with the support and investment of Dr.Ronachit Phutthala, Chairman of HTM project Kalasin and Mr.Sutin Sribunpleang, President of YSP Thailand, YSP and Filial Heart of Thai Youth expand tremendously with so much cooperation and determination to support of schools , universities and local government administration.  There are already 7 schools and university signing MOU for cooperation with YSP Thailand.  Next step, we will organize 3 day YSP camp and then raise up them to become volunteer of Filaial Heart of Thai Youth project.  Then, they will receive higher education of Divine Principle during vacation and join to become YSP core members, leaders and CARP members in near future, then we can expand the foundation of success of YSP Kalasin to everywhere of Thailand. 

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