Spain: Divine Principle Workshop

By Mario Magaz, FFWPU Spain

On July 27, 2019, we held a weekend workshop in Manantial del Corazón, Madrid with two couples, new guests, one couple from Evangelical Church and another couple, the husband is evangelical, and the wife is catholic and three other guests who have already participated.

Some of our members also participated and we were a group of about 15 people. The climate was good because the temperature cooled down and it wasn’t that hot.

Sharing Divine Principle with people is always inspiring. We can learn from another. On Saturday, as many of us didn’t know each other, we introduced each ourselves. The evangelical couple gave a beautiful testimony. They told us that knowing Christ saved their marriage. Sharing testimonies is a good way to inspire each other.

On Sunday after lunch we visited the Monastery of El Escorial, just 20 minutes drive away from our training center. It was a complementary activity that our guests appreciated very much.

Thank you to our lecturers Mario Magaz and Manuel Campillo, and brothers and sisters who supported this workshop bringing their guests and also our sister Amalia Huerta who did a great job in the kitchen.


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