Romania: 15 Days Divine Principle Workshop

Prepared by FFWPU Romania

We had finished successfully 15 Days Divine Principle Workshop successfully which was held from July 14 to 30, 2019 in Moeciu de sus, Bran, Burasov. The workshop was protected and guided by Heavenly Parent and True Parents as we felt. And it had finished full of a grace & love. We could feel the hope and new determination for our better future life.

The participants attended workshop from different country. There was seventeen Korean & Japanese 2nd, 3rd generations, eight Europe STF members and five Romanian CARP members.

We had language barrier in order to communicate each other in the beginning. But we could see the connection of heart centered on Heavenly Parents and True Parents. We could also find the same purpose of life centered Divine Principle. We could feel more and more the brothers and sisters centered on Heavenly Parents.

The workshop program started with opening ceremony by Mr. Jeong`s full of passion with sincere heart. He had an experience to teach Divine Principle during over 10 years in order to educate the Romanian 1 generation and Koreans (Japanese) 2,3 generation. Also, STF member as well. We had organized four team for study and discussion of Divine Principle.

The Daily schedule started with morning excises and jogging at 6 AM. Everyone had tried to join the morning excises with jogging in order to wake up our self for HDH. The HDH was such a time to receive the inspiration and grace for the life. The team had discussion to understand more deeply TP`s precious WORD. The conclusion of HDH by Mr Jeong`s guidance and inspiration.

We had 3 DP lecture in the morning. Each lecture was 30-40 minutes and we organize pair in order to teach each other from the lectures after each lecture. it was difficult to teach for your pair. In the begging but the participants could understand better and they could explain better for their pair day by day.

The only listening the lecture doesn’t remain in our heart so much, but when you need to explain to someone what you understood, we should listen more seriously DP for teaching DP. The contents of DP more remain in our brain as we believe. Therefore, we could more aware of the DP lecture and more understand. It was so precious time for awakening of DP for faith life!

We organized ‘Action Task’. Every day after the lunch before the afternoon lecture it was quite various action tasks according by the lecture contents. For example, when we studied God’s creation, the Action Task was ‘to find God in the nature and take a photo. The workshop site was beautiful mountain area.

We could see all the beautiful God’s given nature and animals and creatures. There were different action task; “video letter for God’, Video letter for myself”, Project of True Love, performance of restoration of history, & SungHwa ceremony. The Action Tasks provided the experience of life to apply the DP. The Action Tasks also let us experience the power of unity and harmony in team.

We had one very special moment during the workshop period. Our regional leader, Mr. Jack Colley visited DP WS site to encourage us even though he had serious operation few week ago. It was very special meeting for us. We were so happy to see him with health. He offered song for us and gave us deep touched speech. He told us about the purpose of our life. It is ‘Grow our spirits’. we cannot take to the spirit world all the material things. But we can take only our spirit self. So the life on the earth is the preparation for our life in the spirit world. And he encouraged us to learn and grow our spirits in this Divine Principle Workshop.

Our Workshop program was organized by 3 stages. The first part of the Divine Principle lectures was ‘Formation stage’, second part of the Divine Principle lectures was ‘Growth stage’ and the lectures about life of faith was ‘Completion stage’. We all could feel that we grow together step by step through this program.

We organized ‘HwaDongHae (Day of Unity and Harmony)’. Between formation stage and growth stage. We did a lot of teamwork activities and each activity had price for winners. All the participants enjoyed the activities and games.

We climbed ‘Bucegi Mountain’. Also, between growth stage and formations stage. It was very beautiful weather. So, we could enjoy the so beautiful nature given by God. Of course, it was not easy to climb mountain, but we supported each other to go until top of the mountain all together. This experience made us strongly unite and made us realized a lot of things about life.

We had ‘Prayer night’ In the last night of this workshop after the graduation ceremony. So, we prepared the letter that written all the mistakes what we did in the past and new determination for new life. And We could burn repentance paper with new determination for Heavenly Parent & TP.

The Whole DP WS was protected and guided by Heavenly Parent and True Parents. The participants could feel free to accept the Word of Truth and reflect the life deeply in order to start new chapter of their life. We are so grateful for Heavenly Parent and True Parents` love and blessing. We will be the hope of Heavenly Parent and True Parents!


Elena (Romania 20 years old): “My purpose of coming to this Romania 15 Days Divine Principle Workshop was to become a stronger person by learning new things and trying to be closer to God. I’ve learned a lot of information that I want to use more in my daily life. Although it was difficult sometimes, I learned more about me and I will try to give up the bad things around and appreciate my life more. I opened my eyes wide and I can see more things clear now. Thank you!”

Isabela (Romania 17 years old): “This workshop has come to the end and I am quite sad. The beautiful things always end quickly. I am grateful the I could discover CARP and get involved in these activities. Through this workshop I made good friends and got closer to other people. And I could learn more about God and my life. I am grateful that I had opportunity to find the purpose of my life and know how to live. And I feel I could get closer to God through this workshop because people here inspired me to be better and made me feel appreciated. Thank you very much.”

Ioana (Romania 21 years old): “I heard about DP for first time this year, in February. The idea of 15days workshop at the mountain seemed interesting to me because I was curious about Divine Principle. I opened not only my eyes and ears but also my mind and my heart. I tried to listen more carefully to lectures and to other opinions during the discussions. I have come to enjoy many topics and there were many moments when I felt that I was doing something useful for me, moments when I learned something new and helpful. There were moments when I started to think more about my life in general. ‘Do I give enough?’ ‘Do I love in the right way?’ ‘Am I good example for others?’ ‘I need to love God more.’ I need to do more of …. But for a moment I want to improve the part which I understood and accepted. I want to create myself step by step. I thank for God for all this experience. I feel I grow a lot in this period. Thank you.”

Arim Jeong (Romania 17 years old): “I feel like this workshop I could focus more easily at the lectures, even though I was tired. I could understand more deeply about the Principle, God and life of faith. These lectures really made me see my life in a different way and made me realize many wrong things I knew, and I did. Through this workshop I tried to live as an ideal me and to make this ideal me to become my true self. I can say that this workshop was a good experience probably because I grow and realized the importance of how you live your life. Thank you.”

Isabela (Romania 21 years old): “This was my first workshop, so I didn’t really know what to expect, I just came with an open mind, and I’m glad I did that. Like today’s Hoondokhae, getting into “good” habits is way harder than getting into bad habits. So, at first, I really thought it was hard and difficult, especially because of the language barrier, but after all I think I got used to it and it didn’t seem like a challenge anymore.

Because I could really learn a lot about my own limits and at some point, even if I thought I couldn’t do something, I found out that if I just try it out and get out of my comfort zone, I can do it after all. So I think during this workshop I could really focus and try to understand myself better. The action tasks, especially the ones where we had to record ourselves and the Seonghwa ceremony really made me think a lot more about the life I’ve had so far and about the responsibilities I have. Not only that, but it made me think about the world around me too. I am very grateful for all the people I met here and for the good times we spent together, I really had fun. In the end, I am grateful for Mr. Jeong and the staff for making this experience possible and for all the efforts that they put into this workshop. They were the ones who did the hardest work, so I appreciate their dedication and support. One important thing that this workshop taught me is that we should trust each other more and love each other more because life is short so let’s make the best out of it.”

Jua Kim (Korean 2nd generation): “This 15 days’ Workshop was the very precious time which I could learn a lot of things, feel a lot of things and practice a lot of things. Since when I was in Korea, I attended many Divine Principle Workshop but first time I could understand the true meaning of ‘True Love’ and how I can practice in my daily life. Not only the lectures but in the ‘Action Task’ I could realize many things. There were a lot of action tasks, but 3 things remained in my heart deeply. First one was ‘Video letter for me’. In the beginning I felt strange to write letter for myself. But as mush I reflect my past and my life, I could be very sincere, and I could be honest with myself. Second one was ‘Video letter for God’. When I wrote letter for God, I really felt I’m writing for God and He is reading it and listening it. And the most impressed one was ‘Experience SeongHwa ceremony’. Even I know there is spirit world and its not sad things to be dying. But still the situation was very sad and very regretful. I could feel a lot of things through this experience. In this workshop I could understand the meaning of life of faith and I realized it is not enough to have faith but absolutely we need to practice it. Thank you so much.”

HoJun Lee (Korean 2nd generation): “It was very beautiful environment and I could reflect a lot about my life. As much I participate sincerely, I could learn a lot of things and I could feel a lot of things. As mush I understand Divine Principle through the lectures, I realized God’s Will and Principle is in everywhere in this universe. And I reflected my life until now that I was living centered on myself. And I realized I was in the small world and I was arrogant. All the lectures and discussions helped me to understand Divine Principle. It was the precious time to clean up not only my body but my spirit self too.”

BomSeok Kang (Korean 2nd generation): “It was good practice to learn how to keep my life of faith and how I can connect my faith and my real lifestyle. It was great chance to grow spiritually. I realized what was missing from my life of faith through this workshop and one of them is the vertical connection. I realized how important to give report for Able figure and how important to be honest and sincere. I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to realized it and I will do my best to practice what I learned. Thank you.”

YeongSin Kang (Korean 2nd generation): “Because I did MMBK before this 15 day workshop I felt first time in my life ‘I want to participate Divine Principle Workshop’. Until then I was just participating without any thinking, so I realized didn’t remain so much.

And the workshop which I participated before in Korea was not practical so even, I participate I go back home without clear guidance for my real life. So, in this 15 days’ workshop I was listing the lectures like I listen first time and it was so exciting. I still remember after the first day of the workshop I felt so tired and I told my roommate ‘It was just first day!’ But our team put the goal ‘Do my best from me!’ So, I tried to do my best to focus on every program and do my best. As much I learn Divine Principle through all the lectures I could feel deeply ‘This is what my parents wanted to tell me!’ and I could realize why my parents went through all the difficulty in order to keep their faith. I’m really grateful that even its small mount but I could feel what my parents felt in their life of faith. My life in the past was so far from the life of faith, especially prayer and reporting. But I will make this habit to pray and talk about my life with my parents from now. Thank you so much for all these experiences in this workshop.”

Nami Yoneda (Japanese 2nd generation –From STF Europe): “First of all I would like to express my gratitude. I’m truly grateful that I could participate this workshop. If I say in one ward what I gain in this workshop is ‘The mission is in this way’. I was doing JeonDo activities in Romania for 3 months. And I came to this workshop in order to grow more. Through being team leader, I could realize that God prepared everything for me. Even though I’m not enough He was always guiding me, and our team could create harmony. In the schedule we had everyday ‘Action Task’ after the lectures. So, I could learn how I can practice what I learn in the Divine Principle lectures. And as much I learn Divine Principle I could feel ‘I have to be the embodiment of Principle and I have to teach people who doesn’t know yet’. I know it’s not easy way, but I determined myself to go this way. ‘The purpose of our life is to grow our spirit self’. I could learn a lot of things in this workshop and it was really precious time. Thank you so much.”

GunSik Kim (Korean 2nd generation–From STF Europe): “As the conclusion of my STF period, I participated this 15-day workshop. It was short period of time, but I could reflect my STF year and I could feel a lot of love. Most meaningful time was Action Task. Because we needed to create harmony in team in order to practice what we learn in the Divine Principle lectures. I felt it was like a Foundation of faith and Foundation of substance. First, we need to make foundation of faith through lectures and we can make foundation of substance through Action Task. If I didn’t participate this workshop, I couldn’t experience the ‘Bath of warm love’ which prepared by Heavenly Parents. Now I could grow my spirit through God’s love and it’s like a very fresh feeling after I take a bath. I would like to suggest coming to this workshop for the people who need ‘Bath of warm love’.”

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