Portugal: Summer Workshop for the Youth and Peace Road 2019

by Sérgio Neto, FFWPU and UPF Portugal

We held our summer camping for six days, at Lagoa de Santo André campsite, from July 28th to August 2nd, with the theme “I Do soon Exist”, the goal was to follow this year’s motto in line at European level where young people should begin to substantiate their convictions, what they believe, and the teachings they learn from True Parents’ teachings.

It took six days of inspiration where almost the entire program was contributed by CARP members, conferences on how to put True Parents’ teaching into practice and how to be a pure person not only in body but also in mind and actions.

WE also had many team building games, ice breaking games and group discussion time have given themselves the autonomy to take responsibility for making these days a success. On the last day we held the Portuguese Peace Road, proud to belong to this worldwide family.

On August 2, 2019, we gathered our young people from CARP and HARP and held our worldwide Peace Road 2019 event. We had 45 participants.

This year we chose the Santiago do Cacém area, further south of the country. It was a thrilling event where our youth among the chants and flags of all the leading organizations inaugurated by our True Parents could bring the spirits of one family under God and remember the importance of unifying the two Koreas for World Peace.

We hope little by little to bring to our country the spirit of True Parents.

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