Paraguay: Cultural Meeting at the National Congress

Prepared by WFWP and UPF paraguay

On August 6, 2019, UPF and WFWP Paraguay held an Educational and Cultural Meeting at the National Congress in Paraguay.

The purpose of the meeting was to educate Peace Ambassadors on the Universal Principles of Peace and share with them all the activities of the Unification Movement in Paraguay as well as to nominate new Peace Ambassadors.

The Meeting started with some videos about WFWP and SUNHAK PEACE PRICE which deeply touched the participants.

After the National Hymn, Mr. Evaristo Fernandez, president of UPF and FFWPU Paraguay gave a very inspiring lecture on the Universal Principles of Peace, the Principles of Creation.

Then the CIG Japanese Missionaries sang a wonderful Japanese song. After which Prof. Gustavo Giuliano gave a general insight on the organizations of the Unification Movement and its activities in Paraguay.

Peace Ambassador Dr Susana Barua gave a brief presentation of her activities as Peace Ambassador, which includes social activities with the First Lady in Paraguay as well as her teaching fish farming in rural areas. Peace Ambassador Lidia Gimenez presented her work on a Book as Peace Ambassador.

The event concluded with the nomination of 13 new Peace Ambassadors which included, former Deputy, vice president of Customs in Paraguay, Director of Public Hospital and other highly prepared and well known personalities.

Former Deputy Dr Olga Ferreira de Lopez and Lions Club President Juan Carlos Amoroso gave words of appreciation for their Nominations representing all Peace Ambassadors.

The meeting ended with very enthusiastic sharing.


Prof. Ingrid Armoa: Many thanks to the organization for this important distinction. Very happy and proud. And as our dear Dr. Susana Barúa said today, this recognition is not to hang it on the wall, but to demonstrate every day why we were deserving it. Let us continue working and contributing our grain of sand for the benefit of others.

Prof. Gricelda Galeano: Thank you very much, I feel blessed with such an important distinction, and it gives me a lot of strength, I will continue the fight tirelessly.

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