Paraguay: 40th Anniversary of The Foundation Of Tong-Il Moo-Do (1979-2019)

Prepared by TIMD Paraguay

On July 23, 2019 from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., the 40th Anniversary of the Tong-il Moo-do Foundation (TIMDO) was celebrated in the Bicameral Hall of the Honorable National Congress, with the theme “Forming Leaders with Principles and Values to Build World Peace”. We had 150 participants from all areas of human activity.

The TIMDO Style Foundation was promoted there by 1979, under the direction of Rev Sun Myung Moon and his wife Hak Ja Han Moon.

The center of the event was the presence of the Creator of the Tong-il Moo-do Style, Grand Master Dr. Joon Ho Seuk and International President of the World Tong-il Moo-do Federation (WTF).

I am accompanied by the Vice President of the WTF Master Venus Agustin. I want to express that the spirit of True Parents was present at all times. These great authorities transmitted to us love and understanding reflecting the Heavenly Fathers and True Parents.

The Deputy Julio Enrique Mineur de Witte is the current vice president of the Chamber of Deputies of the Honorable Congress of the Nation of Paraguay, who gave words of encouragement to all present, promoting further development of the style in Paraguay and made himself available for Support what they needed.

TIMDO is the perfect tool to take young people today along the path of discipline, perseverance and perseverance in the technical as well as the path of spirituality.

In the TIMDO, young people develop respect for their parents, respect for the flag and country, caring for brothers and sisters, fighting against injustice with an unchanging spirit, are some of the daily goals.

When they enter the Dojang, they bow to the flags of both the organization and the local country and of origin, in addition to the photo of the Founders, and thus incorporate values to develop humility and a pure heart.

The youth of the Paraguayan Federation of Tong-il Moo-do demonstrated in front of the leaders showing great skill and discipline.

That moved those present, giving back with loud applause. The youth instructor Carlos Núñez (20 years old), son of the President of the Paraguayan Federation of Tong-il Moo-do Master Viviana Moreyra who addressed the opening words of the event, highlighting the values we learn within the TIMDO practice.

After watching a shocking video of the TIMDO Development in the Philippines and the Asia region, Master Venus Agustin, also President of the Peace Leadership College in the Philippines, addressed a few words explaining the program developed at that University as part of the curriculum called Project Zero to Hero, where they train young people in TIMDO for a year by dividing the program into three parts of 120 days, without alcohol, cigarettes or drugs, and also teach about sexual purity.

That project received high praise from leaders of different sports and social organizations.

GM Dr. Joon Ho Seuk, referred to the ideology of Headwing, in other words, Unification Thought. In that way Dr. Seuk proclaimed the teaching given by Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon as the True Parents of humanity. In addition, Dr. Seuk challenged everyone present to practice Tong-il Moo-do, including the elderly.

Finally, it strengthened the idea that martial arts in general and especially TIMDO are the perfect instrument to reduce rates of violence and aggression in homes, schools and society in general.

Dr. Joon Ho Seuk organized Sub-region 2 of Celestial Latin America, naming Rev. Sung Jong Seo as President of TIMDO and an honorable seventh grade black belt for Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

Also appointed as president of TIMDO and honorable 6th grade black belt for Paraguay, Reverend Evaristo Fernández and finally appointed deputy Julio Enrique Mineur with the honorable 7th grade black belt certificate.

The President of the Paraguayan Federation of TIMDO, Master Viviana Moreyra received this time the 5th grade black belt for her progress in the development of TIMDO in Paraguay.

On the other hand, Ms. Johana Ochoa, who represents Argentina, received her third grade black belt with the promise that she has to develop the TIMDO throughout the Argentine Republic.

Several other martial arts teachers participated, who were happy for the quality of the event and encouraged us to work in unity.

I want to express immense gratitude for the great leadership of Grand Master Dr. Suek, who despite his advanced age gave all of himself for the promotion of TIMDO under the constant guidance and inspiration of True Mother, leaving us a legacy of love, sacrifice and determination to achieve the objectives of the TIMDO.


I started my path in martial arts at 11 years old (in 1972). When I left the cinema, and after having seen Bruce Lee’s movie “Operation Dragon” my whole being felt strongly that I should practice martial arts.

I went to the Gimmnasia and Fencing Club of Buenos Aires of which I was a member and saw the practice of Yudo and Tae kwon do, finally I stayed with the Korean martial art Tae Kwon do.

At 19 I received the black belt and I had a strong desire to teach, I didn’t care about money, I just wanted to find someone who wanted to learn the style. Then at age 20 I met the Divine Principle and True Parents and dedicated full time to fulfill the sacred ideals. Finally I resumed Tae Kwondo in 1987 in the city of Rosario, Santa Fe province. I reached the Second Dan in 1988 and when I was going to receive the third dan and had developed a school with 300 students, we received Master Kensaku Takahashi from Tong-il Moo-do to transmit to us the technical style and its philosophy, which is connected to the Divine Principle and the Unification Thought.

That gave a clearer meaning to my life and I dedicated myself to expanding the Tong-il Moo-do style throughout Latin America. It was not easy and there is still much to do. I am very grateful to GM Dr Seuk, who along with Master Hoshiko Takamitsu and Master Venus Agustin supported me at all times.

Master Gustavo Giuliano – 7 degree black belt of TIMDO, WTF President for Latin America and the Caribbean

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