One Minute Spotlight: A global health care initiative to relieve human suffering

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  1. Leslie Rigney says:

    Years ago, when I was a nurse at UTS, I had the opportunity to meet some of the staff at the IlShin Medical Center in Japan, which was very inspiring at the time. There are hundreds of Blessed Family members in the Health Fields, which can be a lonely venture. Having a worldwide organization that can also mentor 2nd and 3rd generation who are interested would be a great project, and one that has been talked about more than once.

  2. Julian Gray says:

    Yes right, thanks Eric. Dr. Daniel Davies and Sunhee are heading that up. There may be other institutions I also failed to mention. I should do a more in-depth version when things have moved forward a little.

    • Susi Evans says:

      I am very much interested in these holistic global health approaches and discussions.
      I am a nutritional biochemist/ health coach/motivational speaker. Currrently I am the president of Women’s Federation For World Peace Queensland Australia.
      A major focus of mine, is creating sustainable lifestyle changes, particularly in the Pacific Island Nations, where Western influenced chronic diseases, such as diabetes, obesity, cancer etc have become prevalent.
      I believe education about the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical pictures of health are important, incorporating understandings of motivational and change dynamics.
      Looking forward to hearing from you.
      Susi Evans

  3. Eric Richardson says:

    Thank you for that, Julian.

    You can imagine my intense interest in how this flowers in the future.

    Maybe I will come knock on your door about it soon.

    Thank you for letting people know about our good intentions.

    PS you forgot the Wongu University of Oriental Medicine established in Las Vegas, a third pillar in the global health vision of True Parents.

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