New Zealand: HJ CheonBo Special Event

By Andrew Halim, FFWPU New Zealand

A 2-Day HJ CheonBo Special Event was held in New Zealand from the 3rd to the 4th of August under the leadership of Rev. Kenji Watanabe, FFWPU-NZ National Leader. About 60 members and leaders participated in the spiritually invigorating event at YMCA Shakespear Lodge, Auckland, which was graced with the presence of Dr. In Cheon Kim and Rev. Edgar Tanate, President and Main Lecturer of HJ CheonBo Asia Pacific respectively.

The programme for the first day comprised of the opening session followed by lectures given by the aforementioned leaders. The lectures were interluded by videos on Chanyang and Cheon Won project, and also by two 30-minutes chanyang sessions to separate everyone present from any evil spirits attached to our bodies. New Zealand was blessed with an energetic and devoted Chanyang Team which comprised of fourteen youths led by Mr. Seongyoon Jung.

The second day began with the Ancestor Liberation ceremony, which was preluded by an introductory video. It was followed by the HJ Offering Ceremony for Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune and Victory Celebration at the end of the event.

Many members, young and old, contributed greatly to the preparation of this event.

Although the event was relatively short, many members were rejuvenated spiritually through the grace of CheonBo works. Throughout the event, there were moments when some members were moved to tears due to the spiritual experiences they had with the ones they were liberating, True Parents, Heavenly Parents and the Spirit World in general. Truly, we are blessed with the grace and work of CheonBo led by True Mother as the substantial Holy Spirit in the present age.

We see this event as a new spiritual beginning in New Zealand. We desire to fulfill our responsibility as children of True Parents and Heavenly Parents.

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