Malaysia: Peace Blessing Family Festival

Prepared by FFWPU Malaysia

A Wonderful blessing ceremony for 70 couples which was conducted in Kulai Besar High school, Johor Bahru Malaysia on July 18, 2019, with the theme The Family is the school of Love.

200 people attended the event including the parents and children. The school representative, vice Headmaster Sir Muhamad Nasruddin Yusof gave a wonderful welcoming remarks. On the spot all teachers, the Parent Teacher Association leaders committee and parents gave very good comments and feeling great of the blessing program.

The blessing program included Holy juice, sprinkle of holy water, exchange of blessing ring, blessing vow, benediction, tanggam stick and lecturer on the value of the holy blessing.

One of bless wife who works as a teacher in a school, wisely invited all parents of her students.

During the event, we also held Pure Love ceremony for the youths and we asked all the students to do “Pure Love Pledge” in front of their parent, determining to keep purity before marriage.

At the end of event, we also provided special trophy award to all parents to recognize them as the best model parent to their children.

The follow up education will be organized after we arrange the schedule with school. We plan to do family visiting as well to make assure these couples fulfill the condition of 40 days separation and the 3 days ceremony.

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