Latvia: Mobile Blessing

by Gulnara Dukalska, FFWPU Latvia

Latvian members held a mobile Blessing in the town of Līvāni on the occasion of its City Day on July 20, 2019. In three hours Jurek and Tatyana Domaradzki, Alexandra Nikolayeva-Valtere, and Gulnara Dukalska blessed 22 couples.

On July 17, Jurek Domaradzki and Gulnara Dukalska went to the city administration but did not receive official permission for our activities. We then turned to the deputy head of the administration. After searching on the Internet, she stated that because the Family Federation is associated with South Korea and therefore is not Latvian, she could not give her permission. But she emphasized that she has nothing against us, and said we can do what we want under our responsibility.

That is why we conducted the ceremony but not in the very center of the city festivities, but rather at the junction of two streets where many people were walking. Jurek Domaradzki held a ceremony in Latvian, and Gulnara Dukalska held it in Russian. In general, everything went quietly and peacefully. Thank you for your prayers!


Alexandra Nikolaeva-Valtere: Before the start, we were very worried, because from the experience of witnessing in my hometown, I knew that the spiritual core and sincere children’s heart is faith the size of a mustard seed that can move mountains, while my own petty grudges and complaints were blocking the channel of powerful positive energy.

A miracle happened and became a powerful support for me. The first couple I turned to was so inspired that their positive energy passed on to me, and this helped me to maintain a joyful attitude when communicating with passers-by. My husband, Janis, said that the wife in this couple was so inspired, because while I was talking to the couple, our daughter Eliza was smiling at her little brother, and it looked like she was waving hands and smiling at this family. Then I thought, how nice it is for the whole family to reach the target together. After all, children and the good spiritual world were supporting at the right moments, when there was no certainty and not enough enthusiasm. We felt the mutual support of parents and children in our three families. The best part about all this was to see the joy of others.

Jurek Domaradzki: I felt that especially Gulnara made many jeongseong conditions for this Blessing event in Līvāni.

Even though we did not get official permission from the town, our work was protected. We were met with a positive response; some families really responded with appreciation, seriously accepted the marriage vows, and even recognized the value of such ceremonies to strengthen marriage. A few offered praise that we are doing a good job in Latvia.

I also felt there is an even bigger potential and that more people are waiting for the Blessing.

Tatyana Domaradzki: Using my earlier experience as a fundraiser, this time I didn’t think, I just went up to people. The people’s negative emotions influenced me, of course, but I tried to keep my composure and strive for a goal.

First of all, I would ask a couple if they were married. We introduced ourselves as members of the Family Federation, which inspired respect. Then I briefly talked about the plans of the organization and invited people to the ceremony.

There was a family who normally live in Ireland, but that day they were attending the celebration of the City Day! Together we felt a wonderful unity.

In the middle of the day I felt that I needed to take a short break. During my absence, two more couples were blessed. It was obvious that serious prayer conditions and our common efforts were bearing fruit. Most importantly, we live at the time of Messiah, and God wants to give the Blessing to all His children.

Many thanks to all who participated.

Gulnara Dukalska: Of course, I was worried, because the preparations had been made in a hurry. According to the plan, on July 20 we should have had a seminar with I.G. Rumyantsev, and I had made a prayer condition in preparation. Then it turned out that the seminar would have to be postponed, and I thought that we should take advantage of the City Day celebration and bless at least some couples.

I really needed a foundation for one family for whom I prayed for them to receive a revelation about True Parents. They are spiritually open people, Reiki masters, highly moral people who could become FFWPU members (they have many followers and patients). However, words could not convince them; they said that God Himself leads them. I wrote wish papers for them to receive a revelation, but God told me in prayer at the Hyojeong Cheonbo seminar in Moscow that here a personal foundation was needed. I would like to hope that I began creating it, since Satan got angry and already started taking revenge on me during my sleep, the very next day after this event.

I am very grateful to the Domaradzki and Valters families for participating in this event. And thank you all for your spiritual support and prayers.

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