Italy: Peace March

by Emilio Asti, CARP Italy

On August 17th in Macugnaga, a famous mountain holiday resort in Northern Italy, CARP Italia organized a peace march amidst nature, and a concert named: “BETWEEN NATURE AND MUSIC”.

Towards a new goal under the banner of peace, solidarity among all peoples and the conservation of natural environment. A time to stay together in a wonderful mountain environment, which allows to admire nature and praise the Creator, and who was also aimed to make CARP ideals and projects known.

Every summer Macugnaga becomes a stage where many cultural initiatives take place and it attracts also people from abroad.

The event, that brought together various people and was articulated in different stages, started from the old core of Macugnaga besides an old tree, a spiritual symbol of the local community, with an introductory address given by Valerio Tammiso who, after having extended a warm welcome to all the participants, briefly explained the purpose of the event.

Following, a panoramic trail among peaceful spots. After having reached a nice plateau, which offers a splendid view over the high peaks of Mount Rosa (one of the highest peaks of Europe), the participants had a moment for sharing ideas and experiencing close intimacy with nature. The programme went on in a Hotel named “Casa Alpina De Filippi” ,whose Director is a priest already acquainted with CARP young musicians. Here, the CARP group with Davide Chrulli, Valerio Tammiso, Elena Chirulli and Daniela Andreozzi, presented CARP and its vision in working for building a future of peace and promoting family values. The young CARP members performed meaningful songs that inspired the audience.

The event also included a toast for peace. Refreshments freely offered to everyone marked the conclusion, with the promise of meeting again. For all the participants it was an opportunity to meet in a spirit of joy and friendship.

On the following day, Emilio Asti, a scholar of Oriental Culture and a CARP supporter, held a public lecture sponsored by the local municipality. Emilio, who since many years has had a strong connection with Macugnaga, spoke about the students’ uprising in Beijing and the breakdown of the Berlin wall, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of this important historical event.

After the lecture Davide Chirulli showed the video of the CARP Convention that took place in Berlin on the summer of 1987, when Hyo Jin Moon led a peaceful march in front of the Berlin wall, to urge the breakdown of the wall and the reunification of Germany.

To conclude, the young CARP musicians offered moving songs in a high and joyous atmosphere and the audience joined together in singing the final song, “Saranghae”. The participants were very inspired and some of them expressed the wish to know more about CARP and its projects, asking to keep in touch.

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