HJ Global News (August 10, 2019)

Prepared by Peace TV

This week we cover:

1. True Parents

  • Junior Top Gun Youth from Japan Receive an Invitation from True Mother
  • True Mother on Hyojeongrang, excerpts

2. World News

  • True Family (29th Chil Il Jeol & 23rd Chil Pal Jeol Holy Days)
  • Heavenly Messiah activities (Thailand, Heavenly Tribal Messiah Activities and Blessing Ceremonies / Benin, Seminar and the Blessing of Religious Leaders)
  • Peace Movement (UPF Activity with the support of FOPREL / The Dominican Republic: WFWP, Character Education Seminar for Teachers)
  • Youth Activities (YSP, launches a new NGO for Korean Japanese nationals / Heavenly Japan, Special Assembly of Korean and Japanese Children for Unity between Korea and Japan / Zambia, Dispatching Youth Missionaries within Heavenly Africa / The Sunhak Global (Wonmo) Educational Foundation’s Interreligious Scholarship Students Workshop in China / Heavenly America, CARP & YAYAM, Hyojeong Trip / Cameroon, 21-Day Hyojeong Workshop)
  • FFWPU News (In Heavenly Korea, Press conference for religious journalists in preparation for the Seonghwa Festival. / Heavenly Korea, Sub Region 5, Gyeonbuk District, Yeongyang Church / HJ Cheonbo Training Center – Ancestor Liberation and Blessing)

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