Germany: Classic Concert for Japanese Families and Blessing in Japanese Temple

By Werner Fehlberg, FFWPU Germany

Michiko organized a concert for Japanese Families with mostly small children and pregnant ladies on Saturday, August 3rd, 2019 in the Japanese Temple in Düsseldorf. 13 families came to the concert.

Erika Kamura and Naho Suzuki (piano), Risa Higashi (oboe) and Soochan Yim, (violin) have been the artists who presented us almost an hour of absolutely beautiful classical music from Bach, Chopin, Brahms and several other composers.

After the concert Michiko guided through the Blessing and explained to the participants the necessary steps: drinking of Holy Wine/Juice, the forgiveness / reconciliation ceremony and the benediction prayer. Michiko explained to the

audience about the meaning and significance of the family in society and that it all starts with a loving and harmonious relationship between husband and wife which will benefit the children greatly.

This event has been done by several people who gave their very best to create a wonderful experience for our Japanese families. It has been great team work.

Our Heavenly Parents may bless these wonderful families.

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