Footsteps of My Faith – Part 1

Early followers with Father. Rev. Su Won Chung is seated third from right.
Rev. and Mrs. Su Won Chung

By Chung Su-won

In North Korea, True Father had especially sought out the spirit-led Christian churches, some of which had been very powerfully prepared to prepare the way for the Lord at the Second Advent. The story of Kim Seong-do, the Holy Lord Church that she established, and the persecution they received, is quite well known to our members. Rev. Chung Su-won, who wrote this testimony, was the grandson of Kim Seong-do and, together with his wife, blessed as one of the 36 Couples. He tells the story in his own words with details you may not have previously known.

I was born in Cheolsan county, North Pyongan Province, North Korea. My father, Chung Seok-cheon, and my mother, Ae Sun-choi, had two sons and one daughter. I am the eldest son.

My grandfather’s family was quite wealthy. They believed in Confucianism and had very deep faith. My grandfather’s name was Chung Hang-jun. His first wife never bore any children and she later died of an illness. He did have children from concubines, but according to Confucian law, illegitimate children cannot inherit anything from the father. When my grandfather was 45 he married a young woman who was 19. This was my grandmother, Kim Seong-do.

She took care of his big family and received a lot of persecution from the concubines and their children, but she overcame the situation by loving them. Her circumstances were difficult because she worked so hard; she eventually became very weak. Even though she started taking medicine, she did not get better. At that time, she met a Christian woman named Mrs. Noh who was known to cure illnesses through prayer. After praying with her, my grandmother made a complete recovery. This was her motivation to convert to Christianity despite the fact that it was very difficult to change one’s religion at that time.

My grandmother believed deeply in Heavenly Father and Jesus and she did not want to attend the Confucian religious services any more. She prayed every day that she would be blessed with a son. Finally, she had a son, my father Chung Seok-cheon, when she was 33.

The boy suddenly became ill, however, and naturally all her relatives said this had happened because she had changed religions. She asked Mrs. Noh to come again and they prayed together for her son, and he recovered. From that experience she came to believe that Heavenly Father really responded to prayer.

My grandfather persecuted my grandmother a lot because she believed in the Christian religion so strongly. Sometimes he would abuse her and beat her severely. Finally, my grandfather decided to separate from her, so he started to build another house for himself. While he was working on it he had an accident cutting wood, and he died at the age of 62.

The root of sin

My grandmother was always very eager to attend church. But the pastor of her church was asked to resign because of immoral conduct. This really shocked my grandmother, who began to question many things. She asked herself how a servant of Heavenly Father could act in such a way.

She wondered about the nature of sin and began to search for the root of sin. She prayed how to overcome the sin of immorality and she decided to fast. One day while she was deep in prayer, Satan appeared to her. Ridiculing her he said, “Even though you are trying so hard to understand and solve the root of sin, you can never remove my hold on you.”

But my grandmother continued to pray to Jesus for the answers. While she was praying, Jesus appeared to her and gave her an answer. He explained to her, “Through the crucifixion, Satan’s hold on you can be removed.”

When she received this, she was determined to pray even more deeply and seriously to God and Jesus. While she was zealously praying at noon, on the 2nd day of the 4th month by the lunar calendar in 1923, she finally entered the spirit world.

In the spirit world Jesus came to her and said, “I have never met anyone who had such a desire to understand the original sin. You may ask me more questions.”

So then she asked him, “Did sin come from man eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?”

Jesus replied, “The fall was a premature sexual relationship between Adam and Eve; therefore, the root of sin is fornication.”

My grandmother asked, “Why didn’t you explain this 2,000 years ago?”

In deep grief, Jesus shared this: “I tried so hard to accomplish God’s will, but the Jewish people betrayed me and I was crucified. Because of that, we have to comfort God’s sorrowful heart. God’s first sorrow was that He could not interfere with the fall of Adam and Eve. God’s second sorrow was that I came to save mankind but the Jewish people didn’t understand me and I was crucified. Please tell everyone about God and Jesus’ sorrowful heart.”

Jesus told her that his birthday was on January 3, not December 25. He also told her that in his childhood he had been treated like a stepson. Throughout his childhood he had wanted many things but he didn’t get anything from his family. So Jesus asked my grandmother to help him remove his resentment, and then they cried a very long time together.

My grandmother continued asking Jesus questions. “The Bible says that in Last Days you will come on the clouds. Is this true?”

Jesus replied, “I am coming through a physical body.” 

She asked, “Where will you be coming?”

“I will be coming to your country of Korea,” he said, “so very soon Korea will become the central nation of the entire world. The Japanese will lose power and have to leave Korea and the Heavenly Kingdom will be established in Korea.”

Conveying the truth

When she heard these heavenly secrets from Jesus, my grandmother was completely overjoyed. She pledged to Jesus that she would keep his words in her heart and that she would definitely convey this truth to the world.

When she returned from spirit world her face was bright and shining. From then on she was able to see into the spirit world. She was able to cure sick people, examine people’s spirits, and perform other miracles. She also explained the meaning of Bible verses.

She shared her revelation with her minister, but he didn’t believe it and forced her not to reveal it to anyone. But that did not deter her because every day of her life was now filled with happiness, peace, and gratitude.

Jesus came to her again and urged her to quickly spread the heavenly secrets he had shared with her, even though her minister didn’t allow her to.

So my grandmother Kim Seong-do started to share her revelations, and as she spoke out, an incredible heavenly history began to unfold. Many people started coming to her house to receive grace from her. Through fasts and sitting up all night in prayer she testified to the people about Jesus’ situation and his sorrowful heart. Because more people were gathering at her house than were coming to the church, she was finally banished from her church in 1927.

Her house became a meeting place for people from all over Korea. As many as 20 people a day would come to receive blessings from her, to be healed, or to be baptized. They came to receive spiritual guidance and Heavenly Father’s care.

Because my grandmother and her followers believed that sin was from a lustful relationship, they became vegetarians in order to decrease their carnal desire. They formed a church and called it the Chang Mak Church. As the central figure of the new church, my grandmother Kim Seong-do came to be known as the “new Lord.”

On February 14, 1931, during a Wednesday prayer service when the members were singing and praying, they all had a very deep spiritual experience. They all started confessing their sins, and 100 members decided to fast for three days to cleanse their sins. After that they honored Kim Seong-do, by writing a song to express their appreciation for the new life that they felt.

To be continued….

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