Congo Brazzaville: Celebration of the International Youth Day

Prepared by YSP Congo

On the afternoon of Monday, August 12, 2019, on the occasion of the International Youth Day, YSP-Congo organized in Brazzaville, its capital city, in the conference room of the Lycée de la Révolution a conference of 3 hours under the theme “the true values ​​of youth”.

The conference was attended by 55 young people including students, leaders of youth associations, religious organizations, sports and many others. Two series of interventions were the subject of the program namely the presentation of YSP in its entirety and the need for character education, referring to the theme of the United Nations “change education”.

Both interventions were given by the deputy coordinator and the leader in charge of education. The various guests present in the room did not fail to praise the initiative and wished that this kind of program continues without stopping.

After the closing remarks of the Vice-coordinator, launching a vibrant call to the youth present in the hall to mark a first step to become Global leaders.

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