Benin: Peace Road 2019

Prepared by UPF Benin

On Saturday, August 10, 2019, we held the Peace Road 2019 in Benin which began on the esplanade of the National Assembly of Benin. Present were the representative of the President of the National Assembly, Honorable Gilbert BANGANA (Vice President AIPP Benin) the national leaders of the UPF and the FFWPU Benin as well as the Special Envoy, Eve NM and women federation leaders.

Started on the esplanade of the National Assembly, this march has reached its apotheosis at the Stade Charles de Gaulle in Porto-Novo where we will held national blessing ceremony at the end of the year. Peace Road banners were signed at the beginning and end of this march.


The Hon. Gilbert Bangana, Vice-President of the AIPP also made the march with a strong determination to involve a good number of deputies in the Peace Summit held by Benin on August 1, 2019. He openly testified about True Parents and the importance of FPU Benin in the culture of peace.

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