Austria: Children’s Summer Workshop 2019

By Orlande Schenk, FFWPU Austria

The annual Children’s ‘Summer workshop took place from July 26-30 in Seebenstein, for children of the age 5-10 years. 21 children participated, accompanied by 8 parents and one grandfather.

The topic this year was “I am precious”. We spoke about the 3 Blessings and how we can contribute to a better world. The children were very attentive and cooperative, always ready to learn new things. Their creativity was also expressed in their workbooks.

As children of that age have a never-ending amount of energy, we engaged them in lots of sports, such as Matanage, football and other ball games, water games and hiking.

In the creative groups the children could learn how to bake, dance, work with felt or do role playing.

Such a workshop is always a great experience for the children as well as the parents. For us parents it is beautiful to see how well our children respond to spiritual topics, and we can also share the joys of sport, games, singing and having a barbecue together.

Also, this year the workshop was an unforgettable experience and a great joy to experience how the next generation relates to God and True Parents in a very natural way.

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