Albania: Blessing Preparation Workshop

By Bilbil Zharri, FFWPU Albania

We have organized a blessing preparation workshop for our candidates and the ones who are matched this year from 25th- 28th of July 2019, in our Training Center, Albania. Our special guests, Franz and Patrizia Kerschbaummayr planed this time to be here in Albania with our young members and share their hearts in different moments and with different groups.

We had a meeting with members who are candidates for matching, but not matched yet. Their heart and hope is that they all can be part of 2020 Blessing, to be able to offer themselves and their promises to True Parents, to build the ideal families of CIG. This meeting was focused on how each one could best prepare internally for the blessing, and also Franz and Patrizia shared besides the content also testimony of their own life on the course of blessing.

As we were on the road of our 15 Days workshop for new members, Franz and Patrizia gave lectures and testimonies on the importance of Changing the Blood lineage and Meaning of Blessing, also about the importance of True Parent’s Tradition.

The last part was a one day and half workshop for the matched couples. There were 12 members who could attend this workshop. The content was how to help the young couples prepare for a better communication in the couple, training them on topics of good listening, differences between man and women, and internal preparation for Blessing.

We are grateful to Franz and Patrizia, as they were always ready to share with members in the break time, or during meals, or even late night or early morning, without resting, giving space to members to share their worries and guiding them in their internal growth.

The culmination of everything, was the official matching ceremony for 4 couples, who already determined to join Blessing 2020, which was such a wonderful atmosphere for everyone who attended and the couples themselves.

Thank you Franz and Patrizia for your presence and support to Albanian brothers and sisters!

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