A Poem by Sun Jin Nim for True Father

Sun Jin Nim read this poem during the Seonghwa Festival Commemorating the 7th Anniversary of the Holy Ascension Ceremony of True Father on August 17, 2019.

Your Cosmic Answer

Under the limitless dark expanse of the Hawaiian night sky

sparkling gem-like stars adorn Heavenly Parent’s magical portrait of his eternal unconditional true love for all humankind and creation

Before the break of dawn

We walk with you in our hearts, True Father,

praying for peace on earth

Each step is a blessing

Every breath we receive is Heavenly Parent’s grace

We walk as one united family

Forever is your memory leading our path

As we strive to walk in your glorious footsteps

This walk is a meditation

Each step brings you closer to our hearts

We start at the eastern corner of the beach where turtles came to greet our beloved True Mother

The sand is cool and conforms like down pillows nestling our feet

The waves ebb and flow whispering to us to come closer

as they gently plant wet kisses on our toes

Every drop of the ocean is Heavenly Parent’s love baptizing us with new life

All I have is gratitude in my heart

Each moment reminds me of you and True Mother

The ocean dances and displays

 its waves like the roll of the Little Angel’s fan dance

They crest, fizzle, and bubble, and foam up with joy onto the shore,

jubilantly spraying out as gentle mists that hug and surround us

invigorating our mind, body, senses and soul

I am complete and whole in your magnificent creation

The cool salty breeze tingles and tantalizes our slow-waking start

The air is pure, crisp, and crystal clean

refreshing our spirits

Each moment is lifted with an even greater gift of beauty

as a symphony of birds sings out in joyful song with

harmonious notes from a myriad of species

a choral masterpiece

all to welcome us and usher in another glorious day

Looking out into the expanse

the deep blue waters ripple endlessly into the deeper black sky

melding together with no borders

The universe and the cosmos

infinity and beyond

meet at the horizon where earth and heaven unite

The moon and stars offer their closing bows

as the sun rises to claim the starring role

In this moment of moonset and sunrise I look up in the sky to see you both shining down on us

The sun and the moon both balanced, full, and complete in the heavens

like a miracle of truth inscribed on the celestial canvas

the perfect union, our True Father and our True Mother, forever One

Your love is everywhere

It echoes in our hearts

and the whole of creation resonates and sings with your blessing

So much beauty and joy!

Nevertheless, True Mother, as I witness this glorious harmony of creation

I know your heart rises heavy each morning with the burden of all those who suffer, and who are orphaned, lost, and destitute.

I see you push beyond your earthly limits to save each and every child and to return us all back home as one family under God

How your heart must have ached and longed for our True Father during these arduous seven years

Yet despite all your pain you still valiantly and wholeheartedly marched across globe to build a world of peace

True Mother, I know True Father is so proud of you

True Mother, we are all so proud of you! (All rise for TM Standing ovation)

I know and have witnessed True Father singing his love songs to you from the zenith of the cosmos

Father shines millions of diamonds,

dazzling, sparkling, prisms of luminosity and brilliance

Each night he masters and crafts each phase of the moon cycle

to complete the perfect sphere of the luminous full moon

spot-lighting this dark earth with his beacon of love

Each moment in this moonlight I can feel True Father’s absolute gratitude to you True Mother

His heart-beams, highlighting the greatest love story since the beginning of time

his eternal love for you lights the heaven’s each night

I feel True Father’s longing to shower you with all the precious jewels creation can offer

In the night sky I see his masterpiece of undying love and gratitude

and each morning I’m reminded of how much he wants to be at your side

I hear him whisper as the new day begins, Omma Komawa, dangshin salanhae yo…

My heart is complete and at peace in your glorious absolute eternal unchanging union

The cycles of life, the ever-changing phases of our cosmos, night and day

Your oneness is our divine truth

Forever blessing us with True Love, True Life and True Lineage

Only gratitude and love beats in my heart as we walk and witness the glory of Heavenly Parent’s creation on this miraculous planet

As you shine in heaven

All life renews itself again with pure gratitude, grace, and rebirth

True Parents, to life’s questions, you are heaven and earth’s only true answer  

Like the light of day, you never fail to rise and shine forth with true love, pure light, divine truth, absolute peace, abundant joy, infinite grace, heartfelt compassion, sincere goodness, dutiful faith, filial heart, profound wisdom and exceptional beauty

With all the love in our hearts we wish to serve and bring joy and victory to you, True Mother; to you,  True Father, and to you, our Heavenly Parent

We shall be one family under Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Yes! AJU!

All together kamsahamnida salanghamnida

3 Responses

  1. Rupsingh Bhandarri says:

    This was so heart touchable! words have mystified a
    I really moved by those words douse in the pain and love

  2. Carmela Lim says:

    Dear Sun Jin Nim, aloha and mahalo, kamsahamnida for your most beautiful, touching and
    deeply heartfelt poem as a tribute to our Beloved True Father and also your heart of gratitude and understanding of True Mother as she leads us on to substantialize Cheon Il Guk. You have inherited so beautifully the Heavenly grace, beauty, faith, humility,wisdom and total investment of heart and will from our precious True Parents. We are so very grateful!

  3. What a beautiful and graceful poem! Dear Sun Jin Nim you are truly gifted with the talent of communicating with nature!
    This poem is so “elevating”, so high spirited that when listening or reading it you can feel as you were there: our feet in the sand in front of the see, the ocean, the birds singing, the light around True Father, the waves of love between True Father and True Mother etc…
    Thank you for such a graceful way of expression dear Sun Jin Nim. It is so beautiful to see your pure devotion to our True Mother with so much simplicity and humility.
    You too are a beautiful exemple and i guess your life must not be easy sometimes!
    Warm greetings to you and your all family. May Heaven bring all suffering families together again under the umbrella of Heavenly Parents!

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