USA: Take Leadership for National Victory

Prepared by FFWPU USA

The National Ministry Team gathered at the New Yorker Hotel on July 10 for their monthly meeting to discuss taking action and ownership following an energetic Peace Starts with Me Unity Festival in Las Vegas. Nancy Jubb, Director of Communications, who emceed the meeting, stated that it’s time to “build on that energy and build on that momentum.”

Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Regional Chairman of Family Federation North America, joyfully discussed the success of the Unity Festival and the events surrounding it, including the National American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) Unity Convocation and the Victory Celebration. He emphasized the necessity of following up with guests and leaders, which includes three essential steps: uniting with a central figure, making conditions, and dedicating time.

“True Mother gives us blessings, but at the same time she gives us responsibility,” said Dr. Kim. “Now the time has come, this country must unite with God and True Parents. We have a time requirement. God cannot wait any longer.”

Rev. Demian Dunkley, President of Family Federation for a Heavenly USA, explained the importance of contributing to the National Victory Fund. “Dr. Kim is talking about ownership. We are inviting you to participate,” said Demian. “It’s not just about money; it’s about the incredible power you contribute when you make that commitment to True Parents.”

Continuing with the theme of ownership, Demian also relayed stories about guests who attended the Unity Festival and were then inspired to make significant changes in their lives. He talked about a couple on the verge of divorce who decided to recommit to their marriage after their experience with True Mother. “Every story I told you are stories of ownership,” he stated, “If we fulfill those conditions that Heaven is asking of us, God will do the rest, and do even more than we thought he would do.”

Naokimi Ushiroda, National Director of Youth and Students Ministry, talked about the youth programs surrounding the Unity Festival, including All-In: Applied Divine Principle Leadership Training and Peace Starts With Me Youth: My Hyojeong Promise weekend retreat. “When the youth get together, especially in front of True Mother, they feel hope and conviction, and they get it,” he said. “The youth are now stepping up and responding to True Mother’s call. How can we reach beyond borders?” Naokimi also mentioned the ongoing Hyojeong Trip 2019, a program dedicated to investing in developing youth leaders in order to achieve national restoration.

Angelika Selle, President of Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) USA, discussed the recent events of WFWP, including a Northeast and Midwest Leadership Retreat held in upstate New York and the Southwest launch of the Global Women’s Peace Network. She emphasized that moving into the future, we must “own [True Parent’s] vision so we can practice it. This is the time for women to take a role.” She continued, “These are not just events, they are opportunities to build something… It’s True Parents’ culture that we are now building together.”

Dr. Michael Jenkins, Chairman of Universal Peace Federation (UPF) USA, mentioned the upcoming National Parents’ Day Banquet on July 24 in The Washington Times Arbor Ballroom. He talked about the success of the ACLC Convocation, and emphasized that the key to national restoration is “education and blessing.”

Dr. Luonne Rouse, National Co-Chairman of the ACLC, urged the audience that now is the time “to focus on God and center our teaching to what True Mother is asking of all of us.” He continued, “The message of ACLC is one to carry across this nation, to tell all clergy, ready or not, here we come. We are coming with the truth of True Mother.”

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