USA: Monthly Blessing One Million Couples Banquet

Prepared by FFWPU USA

On Saturday, June 29, the Washington, D.C. Blessed Family Congregation held its eighth Blessing One Million Couples Banquet at the Washington, D.C. Family Church. A total of 24 guests, including eight couples, attended the Banquet and received the Marriage Blessing Ceremony by the Washington, D.C. Family Church Pastor, Rev. Jean-Pierre Sonna.

For the past six months, the Blessed families of the Washington, D.C. community have committed to holding monthly Blessing Banquets in pursuit of Tribal Messiahship. These banquets have been a great success. “Since November we have Blessed nine ministers with their spouses,” says Rev. Sonna. “They always invite their families and a few members of their congregation [to the ceremony], and so far two of them attended the last American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) Convocation and the recent Unity Festival in Las Vegas.”

The guest speaker at this month’s Banquet was Dr. Bishop Edward Barnett, Founder and Pastor of the Greater Grace Family Ministries Church in Southeast D.C. Prior to becoming the guest speaker, Dr. Barnett attended a previous Banquet and received the Blessing then.

Before the ceremony, Rev. Sonna gave a brief presentation explaining True Family Values and the Three Great Blessings. To Rev. Sonna’s amazement, all 24 participants openly received the Blessing after this presentation.

After the Blessing Ceremony came the awards. Four families were presented with plaques. “African American families received awards for their long and painful walk in America, from slavery to the Civil Rights movement and victory,” explained Rev. Sonna. The acknowledgement of the adversities of Black America was part of a larger effort of the Washington, D.C. Family Church to welcome African American families into the Unification movement and to improve race relations in America.

At the end of these Banquets, guest pastors often express their gratitude and amazement for True Family Values. Dr. Barnett was no different. During his address and closing remarks, Dr. Barnett gave his own ‘Thanks’ and praises before inviting Rev. Sonna to attend his church and teach his congregation about True Parents. “Let us walk together,” he said.

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