USA: Fundraiser for the Schools of Africa

by Tanya Chandler, WFWP USA

Early morning dew, a bright sun and blue skies dawning… a PERFECT day for a yard sale! It was early on a Saturday morning, June 15th, 2019, that volunteers for the WFWP Maryland chapter gathered in Bowie at the home of Kim Dadachanji and Joe Taylor to set up a wonderful display of donated goods for WFWP MD’s annual yard sale (read about last year’s yard sale here). Ultimately, it was a very successful day. Through our combined efforts, we raised a total of $800.03 for the Schools of Africa project!

We would like to thank all those who donated the many quality items for the yard sale, as well as those who volunteered their time on the day itself, including a handful of eager high school students. A special thanks goes out to Mary Holden, Vicki Phelps, Susan Fefferman, Andrea Rissanen, Li Ping Gardiner, Emiko Butler, and Kim Dadachanji, who invested a great amount of time and effort in both the preparation and the implementation of this project. A huge thank you again to Kim and Joe for letting us use their well-trafficked house and lawn!

We thank all the generous buyers and donors for supporting our cause. The Schools of Africa project now supports ten schools in eight African countries and has enabled thousands of children to receive quality education and build a future for themselves. If you would like to offer your much-needed support, please click here.

This was a special experience for all involved – please see the reflections below to get a taste of it.

Tanya Chandler, WFWP MD Chairwoman: I thoroughly enjoyed working together with our hardworking, spirited team and meeting so many different kinds of people. From one woman selecting a slew of clothing and bedding items to donate to an organization in the Philippines to a joking man looking to lighten our spirits whilst supporting our efforts, it was an inspiring and colorful morning.

One man, the jokester, displaying a huge amount of Maryland pride, took a picture with me and our big ‘Schools of Africa’ sign, and he asked me to write a sentence about peace for him to post on his Twitter account. He was all for sharing our message of peace loud and clear!

Susan Fefferman, WFWP MD Member: It was very special to have three young men to help us in order to fulfill their Il Shim (an educational church program) service requirement, plus Shin Taylor (another young volunteer). More people made the work go easier and it seemed we had more people come this year. One man with a wad of cash in his pocket said he wanted to buy the entire jewelry table; he didn’t hesitate when I asked for $50! Actually, we should have just asked for $100!

Delphine Gardiner, University of Maryland Student: I had a great time when I was at the yard sale. Even though it was really early, I had a lot of energy just working with others and being able to help those who came to the yard sale. I felt that this was the best way I could help support the Schools of Africa project. Though we had great people that came and helped out with me, I wish more people my age could step up and help out at these events.

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