Uruguay-Argentina Joint International Student Seminar

Prepared by FFWPU Uruguay

First Uruguayan-Argentina joint international student seminar was held at Montevideo, National Garden in the capital city of Uruguay from July 6 to 9, 2019. We had 40 participants, including twelve junior high and high school students from neighboring Argentina, and ten from the local Uruguay.

On July 7, the second day of seminar, President of Latin America Second District President Seo spoke to participants. The entire seminar prepared by 7 CARP core members. The contents of the lecture focused on pure love education based on the Oneness in Heart Program, the relationship with Heavenly Parents, and the relationship with the family.

In addition, participants listen to the testimony of seniors who passed various trials and learned about faith life. And, as a climax, for the first time in Uruguay, a Pure Love Pledge ceremony, young people not only promised to protect their purity for God, their parents, and their future spouse, but also they made up their mind to devote themselves to serving and loving their parents.

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