True Mother’s Message at Unity Festival Victory Celebration

True Mother delivered this message on June 23, 2019 (The 7th year of Cheon Il Guk, 5th month, 21st day) at the Victory Celebration in International Peace Education Center (IPEC) in Las Vegas.

Did you come from all over the country today? I see. Are you happy? Happiness grows as we multiply. To do that, don‘t you have to share it? This is a responsibility, your responsibility. For two days, I taught people in the United States.

God blessed the United States to prepare the foundation for the Messiah upon His return, so that people could receive him. In the past, Catholics made mistakes within the Christian culture, and others wanted to start anew through the Protestant movement. Puritans wanted to attend God, the Creator, freely in their homes, so they started a nation, the United States. Are you aware of this? If so, America must take the responsibility of meeting the Messiah.

Therefore, Heaven blessed many religious leaders in this nation. In the past, they called Father “Pastor” or “Rev. Moon.” People respected, attended and received him. But humanity is unaware of what kind of God the Creator is. They also don’t understand their own nature. They did not understand why Jesus went through the crucifixion and why he said he would return.

In the account of God’s creation, we read that He created everything in His image. Finally, He created a man and a woman and gave them responsibilities. Their responsibilities were to grow up beautifully, in unity with God—looking only at God—and to receive God’s Blessing. Under those circumstances, they would have become humanity’s true parents. God, the Creator, was there to be with them. God wanted to become humanity’s true parent. In the world in which God’s spirit is unseen, as a true parent, He wanted to embrace and love humanity.

Today, we have corrupted human beings! Heaven cannot abandon fallen humanity, so Heaven conducted the history of restoration, of resurrection.

So how did God’s longed-for dream end two thousand years ago centered on Jesus Christ? The chosen people who had prepared during a four-thousand-year period did not fulfill their responsibilities. Therefore, Jesus went through crucifixion and had to say he would return! That’s how Christianity began.

Under those circumstances, what should Christianity have prepared for? More than for the Messiah coming on the clouds, they had to look for a virgin woman born as God’s only begotten daughter. I have announced this before. For the completion of Heaven’s providence, the only begotten daughter had to appear. By a fundamental principle of creation, a birth cannot happen only with a sacred Father.  If there is a sacred Father, there must be a sacred Mother. Conception and birth take place within the sacred Mother.

However, until today, neither Christianity nor other religions have known this. The only begotten daughter has announced truths regarding history. After six thousand years, True Parents’ births occurred. Fallen people have longed for True Parents. True Parents are the ones who can fulfill God’s dream and are the ones for whom God has urgently desired.

So, I said in front of members of the clergy that they  are the righteous chosen people in the 21st century, centered on True Parents. The responsibilities of the chosen people are based on a national foundation and the need to attend True Parents. Can you attend True Parents? This land should become the nation that as the chosen people attends True Parents, which is a blessing. In America True Parents worked hard for the world for forty years. We invested everything. We invested and continued investing everything.

Forty years have now passed, and you are all grown up. Is it acceptable for children to continue to receive the help of their parents? I am speaking of national restoration. Politicians, entrepreneurs, academics—we need to bless everyone and create blessed families. That is the way by which this nation, in the position it’s in, can fulfill its responsibilities well.

ACLC should invest all its forces toward the day they can return to God His whole Christian foundation. That day will be the day this country becomes a restored nation. Do you understand? We must return to Heaven what Heaven expects. Sovereignty! We need to return sovereignty. True Parents are the returning Lord. Sovereignty, people, territory! We need to show these to America clearly.

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