True Mother’s Message at ACLC Convocation 2019, Dinner Banquet

This is True Mother’s address to the Heavenly USA American Clergy Leadership Conference Special Assembly 2019 at the Las Vegas Tropicana Hotel on June 21, 2019.

Good afternoon. How do you do? The title of what I want to talk to you about today is: What is the role of the chosen people according to divine providence?

After Adam and Eve’s fall, in different regions of the world, God allowed religions that persecuted good people in order to create the conditions for him to embrace humanity again. God originally created the heavens and the earth and all things in his image. Finally, he created a man and a woman, who would become the human ancestors. He gave human beings responsibilities to fulfill during their period of growth. However, as they grew, Adam and Eve fell into a position separate from God. God, in his desire to embrace humanity and fulfill his dream, established fundamental principles of creation, so he had no choice but to lead the providence of salvation.

Thus, he establishes a chosen people and has been leading the providence of restoration through indemnity from the individual level to the national level. You gentlemen, through the Bible, know what kind of life the Israelites led. How difficult must the course of indemnity have been that it took God four thousand years until he could send Jesus Christ, of whom he said, “This is my beloved son”! After such a long time, he had sent his only son, who could fulfill God’s purpose for the Creation, but the Israelite people did not recognize Jesus. They did not understand Jesus’ essence. In short, they did not realize what kind of being God is either.

Thus, Jesus could not fulfill the full the purpose for which he had come. Before he went through the crucifixion, he announced that he would return. And what happened to the Israelites for leading Jesus to crucifixion? They paid a tremendous price for it. Christianity was born through the Apostles, who while waiting for Christ’s return, experienced rebirth through the Holy Spirit. At first, however, they endured harsh persecution.

With official recognition from Rome in 313, Christianity spread from the Italian Peninsula through Europe and crossed into England. In time, England went out into the world and people said that the sun never set on (the British Empire). They went out into the world as if to do missionary work. However, being ignorant of God and Jesus’ essence, [the Empire] devolved into a culture of looting, of selfishness, of prioritizing their national interest. Although they managed to be an economically rich and powerful country, in the internal aspect, the spiritual, this created many difficulties. From among those who believed in Christianity communism arose, which asserted that God had died. Jesus said, [in Matthew 22:39] “Love your neighbor as yourself,” but as a result of living lives the opposite of that practice, when Christianity was unable to progress further, King James had the Bible translated from Hebrew to English in the seventeenth century, giving rise to the Puritans. The migration of Puritans, wishing to worship God without the restrictions of the old system, gave birth to what is now the United States.

Heaven wanted to create the foundation for the return of the Lord through this democratic country. The beginning was good, but when the United States had abundance economically and in every other respect, it distanced itself from God, bringing about family disintegration, juvenile delinquency and inviting the encroach of communism. When the US was unable to prevent this—and because to save the world it was first necessary to bring America to God’s side—we came to the United States and led providential activities here forty years. (I am speaking of the True Parents.)

Jesus’ hope was to be the True Father. To do so, he had to find God’s only daughter, who did not make herself known at that time. God chose another people among whom he could bring about the birth of his only daughter. So, God’s only daughter was born in Korea in 1943 through the Christian foundation that God had prepared for two thousand years. This was prior to the end of the Second World War. World War II ended in 1945. Korea had been under the Japanese government. In 1945, it was liberated but the Allies divided it into North and South. As a divided country, the North is a communist country and the South is democratic; the North had completely Sovietized itself and was preparing to invade the South.

During that time, I was born in the North. Christianity then had only a brief history in Korea but more than in other countries, Koreans fervently worshipped in spurt and in truth. I knew about the Messiah well. Nearly all Christians expected the return of Jesus Christ coming on the clouds, but some spiritual groups knew that only through his physical birth could he fulfill God’s purpose for the Creation. Under these circumstances, I was born, amid God’s special protection through these spiritual groups. God protected me so that I could safely grow up.

Because of the faith that the Lord’s return would occur around Pyongyang, my family could not think of going to the South. But God, foreseeing the future, put us into circumstances that made us go to the South. Two years after arriving in South Korea, the Korean War broke out.

At that time, the democratic system in South Korea had not yet stabilized. How could God do anything when seeing the situation? Although it was a nation unknown to the world, sixteen UN member-countries [sent troops to] protect the South. This was because of my mission as God’s only daughter. God hoped his only daughter would reach maturity, find the one who had come with the mission of God’s only son and that the two would become True Parents. Seeing the situation in the world, I could not continue to doubt and although I was not much older than a child, in 1960 I came into the position of True Mother. The sixtieth anniversary of that day comes in 2020. Since its inception, the purpose of the blessing has been to give rebirth to fallen humanity through the True Parents. We started with three couples and today there are thousands upon thousands of couples; we created countless blessed families.

The title I gave this speech mentions the role of the chosen people. The chosen people! A people God has chosen. Who are the chosen people in the 21st century, in the era of True Parents? You are. All of you here today are the 21st century’s chosen people, who have responsibilities to fulfill. In the past, for not fulfilling theirs, the Israelites paid a tremendous price. You, the elect of today, must fulfill your responsibilities.

What will it be? You must be the messiah of your congregation and of your tribe. Only through the blessing of marriages is it possible for you to become messiahs. Are you willing to do that? I want to talk about you to God with pride. Enduring infinite sadness and pain in search of his lost children for six thousand years, God waited all this time for True Parents to emerge on earth and take charge of his circumstances.

He wanted to fulfill his will two thousand years ago through Jesus Christ, but because the chosen people, the Israelites, did not receive him, it took two thousand more years for the birth of the only daughter, the True Mother, to fulfill humanity’s hope, God’s dream for the united human family.

If the 7.6 billion people that make up humanity attend God, he can embrace them, and they can become true, loyal, filial sons or daughters, and no more wars, conflicts or obstacles will arise to impede unity. Each of the clergy members here today is a messiah of his clan and congregation. A messiah has to save people. Right? You achieve that through the blessing, through the true family movement. Will you do it in that way? I hope you will work hard and enthusiastically to help the United States to fulfill its filial duty to God, who has waited so long for this country to embrace the world.

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