Spain: Pre – HARP Summer Workshop

By Hideto Tomita, FFWPU Spain

On July 14, 2019, young people from 6 to 12 years old gathered in our training center “El Manantial del Corazón” to participate in Pre-harp Summer workshop from July 14 to 20, 2019. Satomi Yoshino organized it with the help of a few sisters (and mothers of youngest ones), and a few older second generations.

They had Divine Principle Lectures, group activities, swimming-pool, sports, movies, and most important every day time to pray and sing together to help them to thank God for all they did and learnt during the day.

Although the days were very hot, they listened very attentively the lectures given by different 1st and 2nd gen.

All together they were 24 participants, 4 of them came for the first time, and 5 of them were from families who recently are involved in the adventure of understanding and loving the Principle and True Parents.

They all learn to cooperate, listen, respect the elders, Heavenly Parent and True Parents, and our traditions. It has been a very good experience for all, young children, and for the oldest who learnt to take care of their young brothers and sisters.

One of the parents said: “Dear friends, we are very happy and grateful that our children could participate in this workshop.” They now want to deeper their understanding of Divine Principle and True Parents.

Thank you for all the brothers and sisters (1st and 2nd gen. who contributed in a way or another to the success of this workshop.

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