Spain: HARP Summer Workshop

By Stefan Campillo Fette. FFWPU Spain

The workshop started on day 3rd of July and finished on the 14th, being 10 full days. We were a total of 36 participants including staff and kitchen staff. Although part of the staff and team leader and assistant arrived a day earlier. Because it is an important workshop, the committee decided to take those responsible for this workshop and come a day early with a program prepared by our brother Javier. This program was focused on preparing the leaders of the workshop to face the situations that arise in the workshop correctly.

The theme of the workshop was “Together with God”. Under this motto, we subdivided the 10 days of the workshop into 10 mini-slogans focused on 10 points such as “My Connection”, “My Purity”, “Our Community”, “Our Traditions” or “Our Family ” for example.

In each day the Morning Service, the talks and the HDH were focused on the theme of the day, helping to deepen the topic. The speakers were both first generation (Mario, Maryvonne, Armando, Manolo) and second generation (Javier, Rubén, David, Stefan)

In this workshop participants agree that it was very spiritual. Several activities were very special in this regard. We had a surprise mini challenge day at night in which the teams joined a lot and gave 110%, there were many tears and hugs. In the challenge day it was very emotional at the end. Each participant had to hold a bucket of water up high with the water they wanted to put in for 5 minutes while the participants cheered them on.

Between team and team we had to wait a while to calm things down as it was very emotional. On the last day we had one of the best activities on a spiritual level. In this activity we separated brothers and sisters. The participant had to choose a person who would represent God and two others who represent their biggest obstacles to reach God. The person representing God was placed at the end of a stretch that we put in the field of about 15 meters. The participant had to reach God, while his obstacles grabbed him and made it as difficult as possible to reach God, meanwhile the person who represented God and the other participants encouraged him. Both the brothers and the sisters were very united in this activity, which was one of the most intense, profound and emotional of this workshop.

Another important activity that we did was the Purity Ceremony. The last time we did it was two years ago. The day is dedicated exclusively to purity. The morning talks spoke on the subject of purity. Then we had several moments of sharing in groups of brothers and sisters to help and guide them. Finally, our sister Linda and her husband William officiated the ceremony in which the participants promised to maintain their purity to their future partners.

The atmosphere of the workshop was very good, I honestly feel very proud of my brothers and sisters. These moments are unique because we live together as a family, we learn, we pray, we play, we hug, we cry, we laugh, we grow together. I hope you take all these lessons learned and lived moments and take them to their daily lives be an example, take responsibility for themselves and be the best version of themselves.

I feel very blessed to be the big brother of the harpies and while I’m in this position I will do my best for them. A hug for everyone.

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