Spain: Blessing Ceremony

By Maryvonne Jamois, FFWPU Spain

In a very hot afternoon in Madrid, on June 30, 2019, we celebrated a Blessing ceremony in Espacio Ronda. After a few welcoming words from Enrique and Marcia Sanchez who were the master of ceremonies for this occasion, Ana María Sanchez, pianist and compositor and friend of us, prepared for the following ceremony.

We showed a small video of the Blessing in Korea and an explanation by David Pique about the different ceremonies. We shared the Holy Wine, Holy Water with our guests, three couples, a widow and two celibate persons.

Everybody joined to answer “Yes” to the blessing vows and we offered the prayer blessing. Manuel Campillo congratulated the new blessed couples and persons, remembering the importance of gratitude for our spouse. Ana María Sanchez offered a congratulatory song and invited us to join her and sing together.

One of our couples was invited to cut the cake. One of the wives, Maria Luisa was very moved and shared that she was so happy to participate in this ceremony, as they could not celebrate their silver wedding anniversary. They are now in their 44 years of marriage.

Everybody was then invited to share some snacks prepared by our sisters. All our guests were very happy and expressed how beautiful it was.

Thank you Heavenly Parent and True Parents ! Thank you to all brothers and sisters who helped and participated in this effort, in a way or another.


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