South Africa: 46 Youth Missionaries Started Their Mission

By Jean Augustin Ghomsi, FFWPU Africa

Lusaka, Zambia – 46 youth missionaries went out on mission today, July 12, 2019 after a 21-Day Special Workshop organized for 54 youths by the Heavenly Africa Regional HQ at the HJ Cheon Bo Heaven and Earth Training Centre in Lusaka, Zambia.

The 21-Day Special Workshop for Youth Missionaries started on June 17, right after the HJ Cheon Bo Workshop in Zambia that took place on June 15-16, 2019, with 54 participants from nine different countries (DR Congo, Kenya, Lesotho, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe).

The purpose was to train youth missionaries and send them to the six Strategic and Emerging Nations of Kenya, Lesotho, Sao Tome and Principe, Senegal, South Africa and Zambia in order to accelerate the providence of national restoration in these countries. To ensure this, emphasis was put on helping each participant to connect heartistically with True Mother and create in them the spirit of Hyo Jeong.

The program started every morning from 5:00 AM with “Bounce”, True Mother’s exercise let by Rev. David Isaac Phiri, the Zambian National Leader and General Coordinator. From 6:00 AM was the morning Hoon Dok Hwe. The first week’s Hoon Dok Hwe was focus on Book 7 of the Cheong Seong Gyeong; while the second week was on Book 8 and the third week was on Book 4.

The first week program was focused on the Divine Principle study with emphasis on how to apply it on the daily life. The second week was focused on Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel Problem, True Parents’ Life Course and the Blessing. The third week was focused on Lecture Practice, Witnessing, Fundraising and Tradition.

During the three weeks there were also testimonies from some elder members and lectures on self-confidence, budget making. The main Lecturers were Rev. Jean Augustin Ghomsi, Heavenly Africa Witnessing and Education Director, and Rev. Mwalagho Kililo, National Leader of Kenya.

The foundation of this workshop started in South Africa. 20 of the youths who attended True Mother were inspired to go on a mission. Most were ready to work for national restoration at least for the next one year to ensure the success of Vision 2020.

Rev. Bakary Camara, our Regional Group Chairman, had the opportunity to talk to them through a Zoom meeting on July 7, 2019. He shared with them True Mother’s heart in Las Vegas when he reported to her about their desire to make True Mother happy by contributing in the national restoration. He said, “True Mother clapped when she heard the report.”

The workshop went very well. On July 8 they spent the day in meditation and jeongseong (5 sets of 21 mn prayers and 21 kyeongbaes) while Rev. Kililo and Rev. Ghomsi interviewed them individually.

On July 9, the Regional Group Chairman spent the day listening to their testimonies and in the evening they all took part in a draw to determine their new mission country for the next one year. The five countries to be drawn were Kenya, Sao Tome, Senegal, South Africa and Zambia.

On Thursday, July 11, he spoke to them on his expectation and wish that each can work to get rid of “false tradition, bad culture and bad lifestyle” by establishing a proper foundation of faith through following Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’ way. “The principle works very well. It is even more reliable than your mobile phone. Please don’t play around with it. Protect yourself. Don’t eat. Don’t touch. Don’t look. Don’t think and don’t dream.” He explained the meaning of each of these commandment. He also reminded them on the need to establish the foundation of substance by incarnating the word and learning to serve others by “living for the sake of others.”

He also took some time to share with there about the emergency time we are in and the need to make some sacrifices of time to invest in the fulfilment of Cheon Il Guk. He said they will be proud and their descendants will be proud that they contributed in the fulfilment of Heaven’s will while True Mother at least was still on arth.

The Heavenly Africa Regional Group Chairman is looking forward to more workshops like this in West Africa and DR Congo to get more youths to commit to public mission. The fact is clear: we need to harness more human resources for the all what need to be done at this time!


“I really want to keep helping True Mother. I never ever want to hear her say that she feels alone because I am here for her and I know that if Mother is happy, God is happy, when she smiles, HP is smiling. I want to be able to give them all of me so that Mother can smile more.” Jyumi Stephanie Chisha (Zambia)

“In this 21-day workshop, I learnt a lot. I started to realize the truth and my position in this world. Like why God created me, and what I am supposed to do in my daily life on this earth. So I would like to thank Papa Ghomsi, first he is the true Central Figure, the True Papa. He stands by his authority. Definitely he stood firm, guiding us to a proper position. Again I learnt that to be a good leader, depends on me and how I believe in myself and how I behave. My behavior judges myself. Again I want to thank the lessons from the lecturer Papa Kililo. He motivates, encourages.” Member Museredza (Zimbabwe)

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