Solomon Islands: HJ Youth and Students for Peace Festival

Prepared by FFWPU Islands

We held a YSP Festival for on June 30, 2019 with the theme “True Love Knows No Barrier”. The festival brought together 4 schools from 4 different churches and 10 youth groups from different communities. Altogether we had 280 participants.The purpose of the program is to bring together youth and students from different schools and communities to share and experience true love through arts music and dances.

Reverend from the Episcopal Trinity Church and the Deputy Principal Mrs Desma of Catholic famous Technical Institute called Don Bosco Technical Institute brings 30 participants each and other student leaders and youth leaders brings 20 participants’ each. The church leader and Mrs Desma and other youth leaders were very inspired with such a program that bring youths and students together despite of their differences.

Deputy Principal Mrs Desma said during her closing remarks that she is very pleased to see youths and students to coming together in unity beyond their cultural and religious difference to share love through arts and music. She said “I was very happy to see different cultural and islands groups putting their unique cultural and islands dances and I will continue to work together with the YSP” she finally said that she can saw the power of love.

The leaders were more than inspired to receive a certificate at the end of the program from the Special Envoy to Solomon Islands and to be chosen as youth ambassadors for peace.

The participants were all happy to participant in such a wonderful and well organized program by youths.

The program ended with lunch for everyone sponsored by FFWPU, UPF and YSP Solomon Islands.

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