Russia: Ulyanovsk CARP Team Win Sports Prizes at Regional Festival

Prepared by CARP Russia

A team of five CARP members unexpectedly won several prizes at a sports tourism festival in Russia’s Ulyanovsk Region.

The festival took place on the weekend of June 21 to 23, 2019. The team from the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles brought with them several guests who have been coming to Divine Principle lectures as well as one Blessed couple.

We planned just to participate to create better relationships, but with God’s help, we won first, second and third prizes in several categories. Even the festival organizers were surprised that the unknown CARP team earned first place in the most popular trekking discipline! Even our parents-children team won a first prize!

We became friends with the organizers and at the end of the event helped them to clean up the site and remove some ropes from trees.

This was an inspiring experience for our guests … and for us. This is also a good environment for further relationships and development.

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