Russia: Round table on Family and Marriage in Vlasikha

By Ivan Chelovekov, FFWPU Russia

A roundtable on marriage and family, organized by Family Federation members, took place in the Moscow Region town of Vlasikha on July 1, 2019

The roundtable was held in the library of the House of Culture, where the town administration holds its meetings and activities. This is also the location of meetings of the “Happy Family” Club which is run by local Family Federation members.

Among the participants of the event were the head of the department of culture, youth, sports and social support; the head of the social protection department; the school principal, school psychologist, and two representatives of the administration.

The event was also attended by Alexander Timofeev, representing the Moscow branch of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification; Olga Vakulinskaya, the president of Women’s Federation for World Peace for Eastern Europe; and local residents Ivan Chelovekov and his wife, Svetlana. Ivan Chelovekov had developed the event program and confirmed it with the town’s deputy head.

Although the roundtable originally was planned for June 26, the town’s deputy head for social affairs and the head of the town could not participate on that day, so they asked that the program be moved to July 1. (Unfortunately, on this day they could not participate either.)

Ivan Chelovekov opened the program by speaking about the crisis in the family and the need for active and integrated cooperation to solve the crisis. He cited data on marriage, divorce and births in Vlasikha and in the Odintsovsky District over the past five years.

The head of the social protection department spoke about economic support for families with many children. The school psychologist in her speech stressed the importance of educating children in the ability to surrender desires of the body to desires of the soul. Ivan Chelovekov spoke about the underlying principles of healthy families and reported on the activities of the “Happy Family” Club of Vlasikha, which the Chelovekov family has led since November 3, 2018.

Alexander Timofeev described the activities of  the Family Federation and “Happy Family Day” festivals, and introduced the program for couples developed by Family Federation member Alexander Kosarev. Olga Vakulinskaya outlined Women’s Federation for World Peace activities and spoke about the training developed by her husband, Vitaly, for couples who face a crisis in their relations. Alexander Timofeev and Olga Vakulinskaya invited the roundtable’s participants to work together with their organizations and exchanged contact information with them.

The school director testified to how much the teachers were inspired by the lectures on moral education given by Ivan Chelovekov in her school.

During the discussions, the head of the department of culture confirmed the Chelovekov family’s participation in the events scheduled for July 8, celebrated in Russia as the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity. (Ivan Chelovekov plans to conduct the Blessing on that day.) Also, the Chelovekovs announced a plan to resume the work of the Family Club in September and to conduct the next “Happy Family Day” festival this autumn.

Before leaving, the head of the social protection department said that she enjoyed the roundtable and is ready to participate in all our programs. In general, the atmosphere of the meeting was positive, and people were attentive.

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