Russia: Kick-off Workshop for the Baikal Summer Program 2019

By Andrey Burashnov, ffwpu Russia

On July 5-7, 2019, a kick-off workshop of the Baikal summer program was held in Novosibirsk, for 7 participants, three of them were the second generation children. We tried to make the seminar unusual, for example, the sport was not immediately after lunch, but after the lecture. On the first day after the Principle of Creation lecture, we went to the zoo, to see the creation alive.

One Second Gen brother had a spiritual experience. After a lecture about prayer he went to the river to pray and asked God to give him a sign in the form of a big fish, right after he prayed a big fish strongly splashed its tail. Brother was very inspired.


“I energized myself. It has been long ago when I felt such a fire inside, especially after closing I wanted to pray more. I really liked it because I managed to find real determination. ”

“Fundraisings is useful and scary. Spiritual growth is an essential component for our lives. Everything must be done sincerely and with full dedication”

Next they will do fundraising, participate in the Baikal project and do witnessing.

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