Video: Rally to Celebrate True Parents’ Victorious Return


Rally to Celebrate True Parents’ Victorious Return from the 2019 World Tour for the Firm Establishment of the Heavenly World and to Welcome Home our Victorious True Mother.


Good morning, I am pleased to see you. Today we can feel how God, the Creator, is working with His only begotten daughter, True Mother.

What do you think God, the Creator, would ask you for, when He looks at you?The earthly life is not eternal. We have obtained the qualification to be able to meet God with dignity and pride in that place where He dwells, in the eternal world of the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven. But first for this country, God’s homeland, we must fulfill our responsibilities.

In the past, two thousand years ago, God sent his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, to the chosen people, the Israelites, to fulfill His will.  The Israelite people, in complete unity with Jesus, should have cooperated with him, so he could reach the position of the True Father.For that precise day, Heaven prepared many prophets, among them, John the Baptist. But they did not fulfill their responsibilities.

Two thousand years later, for the first time in six thousand years, his only begotten daughter was born amongst the Korean people. If the only begotten daughter doesn’t manifest herself, the Lord who announced that he would return, cannot become a True Parent.Therefore, after a laborious historical course, God gave birth for the first time in 6,000 years to the only begotten daughter, about whom He could say “This is my daughter,” and the True Parents could emerge in 1960.

True Parents, for whom humanity waited anxiously for six thousand years , were the fulfillment of God’s dream. God was preparing the field so that True Parents would be received, as he had prepared it among the Israelites two thousand years ago.To fulfill Heavenly Parent’s dream, God waited for six thousand years. Heaven prepared that right environment for True Parents. Heaven prepared through the Israelites two thousand years ago.    This country should be God’s fatherland! So how can it be that this country, God’s fatherland, has fewer results than Africa?

When we consider Christianity’s history in this country, we see that in fact, God has made many preparations for the Messiah to be received upon his return.Regarding a Christian megachurch in this country, which I do not want to mention by name, it was not awake either. What should you do then? I have already told you that Heaven has prepared many people just for this opportune time.What should they do?

You must announce it with conviction and dignity.Go to megachurches in this country and exclaim it: “The True Mother, the only-begotten daughter, is here!”Why can’t you announce it?The situation is such that you are able to announce it around the world. Don’t you think so?

You should not leave anything shameful behind that Will be remembered in History. Don’t you think that Korean people should not fail, as the Israelites did two thousand years ago?You should know that Heavenly Parent is and True Parents are the owners of this nationand the only way to become their true sons or daughters is though receiving the blessing.Neither political power nor economic power is eternal. What can they fear if they are accompanied by the True Mother, the only begotten daughter, with whom God our eternal father and mother is substantially?

What I want to tell you today is that nobody in history should remain miserable because of you. Please, if there is a denomination or a well-known, famous pastor or others around you, ask yourselves with conviction what are you waiting for? You have to let them know that for religions to survive, they need precisely this movement, which serves God as our Heavenly Parent, the owner of the universe, the Creator. I pray that you, as blessed families, and the Republic Korea, will fulfill all your responsibilities and that you will receive blessings.

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