Poland: 7 Day Workshop for Second Generation

By Ela Duran, FFWPU Poland

The first week of the summer holidays in Poland we decided to spend with our Heavenly Parent and with each other as Polish Unification Family. 39 blessed children from Poland and 2 from Hungary and Slovakia plus 9 adults met in our Embassy for Peace in Warsaw, 24th of June.

We are studying and experiencing Divine Principle , especially Principle of Creation from different perspectives: through praying, singing, playing and building relationships with each other. During one day children could listen to the history of the first years of Polish Unification Movement from one of the first Polish member, Krzysztof Gago. God blessed us with a beautiful weather. Older brothers and sisters are looking after younger siblings using their creativity to support and inspire them.

We are happy and full of gratitude to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents for this beautiful time together!

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