Peru: Special CheonBo Event

Prepared by FFWPU Peru

Thanks to the blessing of our Heavenly Parents and True Parents, FFWPU Peru was enlightened with the spiritual work of HJ CheonBo in July 6 to 7, 2019 which was held at Villa Victoria Civic Center, Surquillo, Lima.

We had 253 participants including Ambassadors of Peace, the national leaders of sub-region 3 of Celestial Latin America (Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Suriname and Guyana) and our continental director Rev. Sang Suek Kim.

Through this special event, many members managed to see the True Parents and in this way be able to feel their love and develop the true heart of Hyo Jeong, the filial son and daughter. And we are now determined to fulfill the mission of heavenly tribal messiahs until the year 2020 successfully and bring joy to Heavenly Parent and true parents.

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