Nigeria: Introducing Divine Principle for new CARP Students

Prepared by CARP Nigeria

CARP President Joseph and his team had organized a One day Workshop in the beginning of July at the University Campus in Abuja, Nigeria with international guests, Diana & Steve Winter, from America & Europe who shared about the Vision of CARP.

More than 40 students attended and learned about the teaching and mission of carp. Out of these 40 people, 24 committed and came to a 3 day Divine Principle Workshop just 2 weeks after that held in the CARP Center in Abuja, Nigeria. In the 3 days from July 23 to 25, 2019, all of the Divine Principle topics were covered, by Pastor Silas Ekuh, Rev. Uke and the National Leader Rev. George Ogurie.

The students were very excited to hear this new message of Hope for the first time,  especially about the human fall and second coming of the messiah, which Rev. Ogurie explained in detail and answered all their questions.

They were able to reflect deeply about their purpose of life and what they wish to achieve from now on with their new understanding of the principle of life. Diana Winter, 2nd generation from Germany, led a session to  help them become clearer and set goals for personal growth and development.

Steve Winter, 2nd generation from the US uplifted the spirit with a lecture on the expression of love from God and how this is manifesting in our own lives.

After the 3 days participants were inspired to live up to a higher standard and made strong determination to change their habits and actions which they have realized now, does not lead them to happiness.

They enjoyed the unity programs during the workshop, sports, morning reading and studying fathers and mothers words, creating also Video projects together, spreading a positive message to the world.

In the next semester vacation they are planning a 7 day Workshop where the participants desire to come. It was really significant to see so many new Students in the CARP organisation, receiving the divine principle lecture and seeing how their minds are being opened by this truth that is new to them.

The CARP Team worked in harmonious unity and made this workshop special to every single participant. By their example, students could learn what it means to take ownership and responsibility.

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