Nigeria: Introducing 120 Pastors to The Blessing

Prepared by FFWPU Nigeria

The background leading to this event was during a 2-day workshop for ministers in Abuja, on June 18-19th. Out of those pastors who attended the 2-day workshop was Apostle Akoriko, a TV-pastor with a large following, and his wife. They invited us to attend their monthly pastors’ conference and asked us to introduce the blessing program within a 3-hour window.

We had recently come to understand that Apostle Akoriko had some involvement with our CAUSA WORLD VIEW program in the past and was teaching his followers about the fruit in the Bible not being literal. So when we addressed this topic in our introduction to his 120 pastors, they all jumped up with excitement that we had validated their understanding, though not so well defined until now. Their Apostle’s teaching on the meaning of the fruit had, up till now, been the source of persecution and labeling by other Christians. 

Ministers were on the edge of their seat while Rev. Imo Nkanta gave a short summarization of the meaning of the blessing and were captivated and thoroughly interested to receive us again on a later date and receive the blessing as well, thanks to the national leader’s groundbreaking introduction to our movement. Rev. George Ogurie spoke on the crisis of the family in Nigeria, and lastly on the myths and misconceptions about our founders and the movement.

Pastors approached our members after the program and thanked us for coming and that it was very inspiring.

At the end of our introduction, a copy of the 2-day lectures content that was presented on June 18-19th by our national leader and the education department, which we had made into DVDs was formally offered to Apostle and Mrs. Okoriko. They both shared briefly about their excitement to have received the blessing and how the content of the introduction they had all heard was not strange to them and that sexual fasting for 40 days should not be difficult for them to accept as well. 

Our state leader in Akwa Ibom State and our local pastors in the state who were present were very inspired by the reactions of the 120 ministers who received our introduction with open arms. We believe our movement here in Nigeria is experiencing a revival through the HTM movement. Our members are amazed by the testimonies of newly blessed ministers and are revitalized by the potential they see in working together hand in hand with churches around their neighborhoods, and letting go of shyness in witnessing.

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