Moldova: Parent-Child Seminar for Blessed Families

Prepared by FFWPU Moldova

A seminar on “Parent-Child Relations, Challenges and Solutions” was held in the Moldovan city of Bălți.

The June 26 seminar was organized by FFWPU Moldova in cooperation with the Moldovan chapter of IRFF (International Relief Friendship Foundation) and the city’s Department for Social Assistance and Family Protection. The event took place in the room provided by City Hall of Bălți city.

The participants were families who for many years have been receiving material support from IRFF. A total of 12 persons participated in the seminar, representing three generations. Two Japanese volunteers supported the event.

During the seminar, it was explained that children have different psychological needs depending on their age. The seminar analyzed and discussed these needs extensively.

Thanks to the contribution of Italian partners, IRFF also presented gifts of food to those families. Therefore both internal and external support was provided.

The final goal was to introduce Family Federation and the concept of Family Festivals and Family Club to the Department for Social Assistance and Family Protection. It was a very good and needed cooperation.

After the seminar, FFWPU members, together with Japanese volunteers, held a Mobile Family Festival for 11 couples.

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