Moldova: Mayor Takes Responsibility for the Festival

Prepared by FFWPU Moldova

The providence has come so far that VIPs themselves are beginning to initiate and invite us to hold “Happy Family Day” festivals.

On July 6, we held a festival in the village of Zolotievca, a small Russian-speaking commune in

Moldova’s Anenii Noi District. The mayor of the village herself took responsibility to invite people to the festival, but she was not completely sure that a lot of couples would come, as people are now busy with harvesting in the fields. And she said that people there, especially men, do not like to come to cultural events.

My husband and I have been doing a bowing condition and also a breakfast fast for the sake of successful festivals. Also our team in Moldova have been making various conditions.

On the day of the festival, more than 70 people gathered with their children in the Zolotievca House of Culture. Sixteen couples took part in the three ceremonies conducted by FFWPU national leader Sabina Nadezhdin and her husband, Sergey.

The event was held in a festive family atmosphere. The mayor organized a competition for the best dish, and several women brought delicious dishes; after the event they had a small lunch. Our brother Vitali Ciconi, wearing a Spider-Man costume, entertained children on the street.

Good moments from the festival:

  • 1. The village mayor and her husband participated in the ceremonies.
  • 2. The director of the House of Culture from a neighboring village, who was one of the organizers, was very inspired by the festival and invited us to hold a festival in their village.
  • 3. The mayor was very inspired by the festival, and also the social protection assistant said that this was the most successful event ever held in their village as well as the best-attended.
  • 4. The mayor expressed her desire to start a family club with me and to take responsibility for this.

The Taub family helped support this festival financially. A second generation member from the United Kingdom participated in the festival as a guest. Everyone liked him and wanted to make a photo with him.

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