Moldova: Happy Family Festival Held in Transnistria

Prepared by FFWPU Moldova

A Happy Family Festival was held on July 7 in the village of Crasnogorca, which is located in Transnistria.

About 120 guests attended the event, which was held by Family Federation of Moldova as part of its new strategy of expanding its activities from the capital to the villages. The festival has the purpose of strengthening and supporting marriages. From a providential point of view, this is part of the Heavenly Tribal Messiah providence in Moldova. Another internal goal was to lay a foundation for conflict solution and unity between the right and left sides of the Dniester River, which are one country.

The event consisted of holding the Ceremony of Marriage Renewal for 16 couples. During this ceremony, a professional animator entertained the children who had come with their parents. Then both the Family Federation and the Village Hall offered gifts and diplomas to the couples attending the event. This was followed by a beautiful concert organized by the Village Hall.

This was the first time that such an event was held in Transnistria. We believe it was an important step in solving the division inside the country by uniting centered on the central providence. Also the village mayor, who attended the whole event with his family, expressed his joy that this event could gather so many people from the village like never before.

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