Moldova: Family Festival in a Village

By Sabina Nadejdin, FFWPU Moldova

Moldovan members held a Happy Family Festival in the village of Costești in Ialoveni District on June 23, 2019. After the regional conference on May 15, this was the second Family Festival in Costești, after the one on May 22.

It was organized in cooperation with the local village hall under the direct participation of the village mayor. They have shown great interest in working together with Family Federation to protect and save modern families.

Our goal was to give the Blessing to 40 couples. Thirty couples attended the event, of whom 24 couples received the Holy Wine. However, the total number of families represented was 40. Altogether about 80 village people, both adults and children, attended the event.

Andrei Esanu, the president of the Family Federation in Moldova, gave a presentation in which he introduced the founders of FF and the activities of FF in various countries, including Cambodia and Albania. He emphasized the concept of strengthening modern families through Family Festivals and model communities.

Families came to the festival with their children, as we provided a professional entertainer who is a blessed member.

We offered gifts to families with four or more children, as well as to the largest family and the couple who have been married the longest. We also provided refreshments for the participants.

Our Japanese missionaries greatly enriched the event with their Korean song and dance. At the end we expressed our gratitude to the mayor and her team who had mobilized the families. We presented them with symbolic gifts that included True Father’s autobiography. The mayor expressed the desire to organize another festival in the summer and to open a Family Club.

The central national TV channel reported on our Family Festival as a re dedication event. Click here to see the video


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