Malaysia: Peace Blessing Family Festival

Prepared by FFWPU Malaysia

As we are moving forward to fulfill our mission of Heavenly Tribal Messiah in our nation, a wonderful blessing of marriage ceremony had been conducted in Ladang Rini Primary High school, Johor Bahru Malaysia on July 21, 2019.

In the total of 80 couples and 250 people attended the event including the parent, grandparent and children. The school representative, Headmistress Mrs. Rajeswari, her vice headmaster, all teachers, the Parent Teacher Association leaders committee and parents gave very good comments and feel touch from the blessing program.

We conducted full package of blessing program including Holy juice, sprinkle of holy water, ring exchange, blessing vow, benediction and tanggam stick. Meanwhile, we shared one lecture on the topic of “the family is school of love”, to testify about True Parent teaching about ideal family.

The Headmistress played the role of John the Baptist to invite all parents of their students. At the same time, we provided the scholarship to those qualified students and gave special award to the few best model couples (Longest Marriage, Most number of children, cross culture marriage). Headmistress were so grateful and ready to welcome us back for more service activities.

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