Italy: Trophy of Peace 2019

Prepared by UPF Italy

The fourteenth edition of the Peace Trophy took place on Sunday 30 June at the Sada stadium in Monza. Fifty young people, divided into four teams, faced off with a goal in an inter-ethnic soccer tournament, for a day of competition and integration between young people residing in the same territory but belonging to different nationalities, cultures and traditions . The day opened with qualifying matches in a single round, which lasted all morning, followed by lunch together to promote knowledge, mutual respect and friendship between the young participants. After qualifying, the last fought meetings were held in the afternoon.

The final victory for Sanmaurense Pavia for 2 to 1 decreed the first place of the tournament, followed by the young students of various nationalities of the CPIA – Provincial Center for Adult Education – of Monza, who had come from 2 months of training, held a once a week with volunteer coaches, thanks to the free concession of both the training camp and the Sada stadium by the Juvenilia Sports Club. At the end the CPIA players then gave flowers to their professors to thank them for their commitment. The Real Monza team won third place, beating only the youngsters of the UPF – Sport for Peace after the draw in regular time after the draw.

At the end of the games the players were rewarded with cups, medals and gadgets by the authorities present, including this year’s testimonial Mario Beretta, coach with experience also in Serie A already present in a previous edition, Carlo Zonato, President of UPF Universal Peace Federation and the Councilor for Sport of the municipality of Monza Andrea Arbizzoni.

According to Carlo Chierico, President of UPF Monza, who organized the event together with the Brianza Committee of the UISP – Italian Sport for All Union – and with the collaboration of the AIAC – Italian Association of Football Coaches Onlus, sport is one of the means for promote education, health and peace, as well as social values ​​such as team spirit, fair competition, cooperation, solidarity, human rights. For this reason, the role of combating social exclusion, inequalities, racism and xenophobia is recognized in this sporting initiative.

And all this taking up the commitment and example of Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his wife, Dr. Han Ja Han, founders of UPF International, in fact the reality of the Peace Trophy is the demonstration of how sport is important and inextricably linked to the protection of individuals and global harmony.

In fact, sport is not only fun or tiring confrontation in search of a victory, but it is also one of the ways of research and knowledge of oneself and of others, of coexistence with them and, ultimately, of opening to an integral vision man. Sport is respect for oneself and for others beyond any difference, it is tolerance, it is the ability to recognize one’s own limits and learn to overcome them, a great school of life in simple language for young people.

At the Trophy of Peace this year there was the adhesion and the patronage of the Lombardy Region, of the CONI Lombardy, of the Municipality and of the Province of Monza, and other Municipalities of the territory, while a short film will be made, edited by young students of the “G. Meroni ”of Lissone (MB) followed by Professor Maria.

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