Italy: Divine Principle Workshop

By Franz and Patrizia Kerschbaummayr, FFWPU Italy

As a continuity of the workshop in Altavilla done in May, on July 7, 2019, we had a wonderful moment with the young couples of Bergamo and, not only in the studio of Enzo De Concilio, we were an interesting group I have to say, couples with children and newly blessed couples, Enzo and Anne Marie blessed for 37 years, we for30!

We shared the whole day working on three very important themes: Communication within the couple and Sexuality (Using the precious material that comes from the sessions of the Marriage Course) in the morning, reserving the theme of Unificationism for the afternoon.

The morning sessions were very personal and the work was within the couple itself, the one in the afternoon opened a very interesting and constructive discussion on what we really want to live within our families, and which culture and / or spirituality bring as couples to the second and third generation to keep our deep roots in the faith and in true parents. (Agostino and Enzo led the afternoon session)

The need to work as a team and to develop an educational curriculum for parents and children (Parenting) that can help families centered on God and bear testimony also to the new families that will be blessed.

It was also considered the fact that more than 4 years have passed since the last ceremony of PURE LOVE and there would be some requests to have this important tradition, maybe even in the various cities, it is a pillar for our children and for the parents who have the spiritual responsibility to bring them to the Blessing, and it would also be a beautiful thing to offer to new young members.

Yasoki and Ann have shown great interest in following the educational curriculum for children. Everyone asked to intensify this type of meeting during the year to enable couples to have constructive and real life exchanges.

I really thank all the participants and the De Concilio family for offering a beautiful and fresh place. We will keep you updated on future programs. Stay tuned.

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