Italy: Building a Culture of Peace

By Elisabetta Nistri, WFWP Italy

On June 27, 2019, in Casal di Principe (in the province of Caserta city) at the Maria Santissima Preziosa Institute the 6th Conference promoted by UPF and WFWP was held with the theme “Building a Culture of Peace”, organized by the Vincenzo and Hiroko Della Corte family. The conference was a great success thanks to the collaboration of the Nuns of the Institute, and of the associations: ‘Work in Progress’; “Music in the Heart” and the Association “I, XII, XVIII”. The people who took part in the conference were about 90: parents, teachers, students including a famous medico local dott. Donaldo Grassi, all very interested in the topics covered.

With a view to promoting intercultural exchange, WFWP friends, wearing traditional Korean clothes offered the song: You too are my brother !! Thus, giving a warm welcome to all participants.

Among the speakers, “the Councilor for Culture” Marisa Diana the President of the Association “Working in Progress” Andrea D’Onofrio, Orlando Puoti for “Music in the Heart” and Antonio Di Lauro for the Ass.”I, XII, XVII”.

Elisabetta Nistri president of the WFWP, presented the various themes and related activities that WFWP is carrying out in Italy, recalling how important today, more than ever, is the presence of women and the contribution to peace that they can bring to any environment, starting with the family and then expand it into society. The roles of man and woman are both important, but with different characteristics; whereas the presence and participation of one is lacking, or even as in some countries is denied, there is no balance, and therefore no peace and social well-being. she also recalled how each of us should remember that we were originally created in the image of God and motivated the participants to search for that image which God has placed in us.

Turning in particular to women, she reiterated that women’s role is to reflect the female image of God, and to promote a social revolution starting from the heart of Women and with such a motherly heart be able to embrace the whole world.

Giuseppe Calì, president of UPF in Southern Europe, reported the latest activities carried out by the association especially in the Balkans, through the Peace Road and the important summit that will take place in October in Albania. He also reiterated that the solution to every problem already exists but because of the selfishness of man, there is no sincere desire to work together on that, there is no sincere interest in a vision for the common good that is farsighted and realistic. All ended with a beautiful refreshment and with the sincere appreciation of the participants, including many speakers who promised further collaboration and invited us for other conferences in high schools and in the Town hall of Casal di Principe as well.

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